Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Britain's & Ireland's Next Top Model Cycle 7

I'm so frustrated with BINTM that I needed to post something about it. I just don't understand why Britain and Ireland can't summon up enough good girls for BINTM when AusNTM has more great girls than they can have with a third of the Britain and Ireland's population. Well actually I kind of understand because AusNTM and beauty competitions are so much more "now" for Australia with beauty queens and NTM winners doing well e.g. Jennifer Hawkins and Amanda Ware. BINTM needs to step it up and attract strong girls. We all thought Tiffany might have been the catapult for the show but the show hasn't really improved.

Now onto the actual competition, I just honestly don't understand what the judges are thinking, they seem to live on another planet half the time. I just can't believe the judges even need to decide who should win because Juste is by far head and shoulders and legs above the rest in terms of modelling potential. None of them besides Juste could actually become an international model. Jade is likeable but the modelling industry has enough beautiful and interesting girls to need to take her in. Grace said that the modelling industry is ready to take her look in but sadly the modelling industry doesn't need to take her in. Grace's idea (and actually Elle's as well) is to create a star not a model and that's the problem with this competition. Imogen has her moments but she is sadly not that special. She does have potential but she is not ready. Jessica, as nice as she is, is sadly not a model. Anastasija is ok but she is not in contention with Juste. Lets have a look at their photos.


Supporters: Julien's fave
Detractors: Charley


Supporters: Charley's fave
Detractors: Julien


Supporters: Grace and Elle's fave, Julien
Detractors: None


Supporters: Elle and Julien's fave
Detractors: I can't think of any (though her look and size is acknowledged)


Supporters: All like her but I don't think any of them favour her.
Detractors: None, though each judge questions whether she's a star

And by not having a callout this episode they totally robbed Juste of her first callout.

I just can't at how biased the judges are towards Jade. She will sadly fade into obscurity once the series finishes like so many of the past contestants. Sadly I think the final two will be Juste and Jade and Jade being crowned victorious because she's a "star".

Here's my ranking of the girl's portfolios

Name from best to worst (total points)
Girl in gold is leading, girl in yellow is second, girl in red is last

Shoot 1 - Tea Party
Juste (5)
Imogen (4)
Jessica (3)
Jade (2)
Anastasija (1)

Shoot 2 - Nude
Anastasija (6)
Juste (9)
Imogen (7)
Jessica (5)
Jade (3)

Shoot 3 - Birds of Prey
Jade (8)
Anastasija (10)
Juste (12)
Jessica (7)
Imogen (8)

Shoot 4 - Dance
Juste (17)
Anastasija (14)
Imogen (11)
Jessica (9)
Jade (9)

Shoot 5 - Underwater
Jade (14)
Jessica (13)
Anastasija (17)
Juste (19)
Imogen (12)

Shoot 6 - Crying
Anastasija (22)
Jade (18)
Juste (22)
Imogen (14)
Jessica (14)

Shoot 7 - Revlon
Juste (27)
Anastasija (26)
Jade (21)
Imogen (16)
Jessica (15)

Shoot 8 - Company
Imogen (21)
Juste (31)
Jessica (18)
Jade (23)
Anastasija - didn't shoot (27)

Final Rankings
Juste - 31 (3 firsts no lasts)
Anastasija - 27 (2 firsts and 1 last - not including shoot 8 as she didn't participate)
Jade - 23 (2 firsts and 3 lasts)
Imogen - 21 (1 first and 2 lasts)
Jessica - 18 (no firsts and 2 lasts)

If Juste doesn't win this I'll be so disappointed because they would have lost the best girl they've ever had and even Company magazine said she was the best ever they had filmed.

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