Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Better Half

My Better Half was a nice drama, nice as in watchable and something you don't need your brain for. If you just want a smile on your face and sometimes nonsensical plots then My Better Half will be something you'd enjoy. I liked how they wanted this series to be somewhat of a joke (in the positive sense) but sometimes that joke went slightly off-rail and became a WTF moment. The acting was decent enough but I have to say the plot let it down. Whilst there were a number of laughs to be had in this drama I found the rapid pacing through plots the most annoying part of this drama; something builds up in one episode before it's totally broken down, without much thought, in the next. Oh and there comments on other TVB series such as EU, Laughing Gor, Old Time Buddy was not integrated well. Old Time Buddy's is one of my favourite TVB series but sadly My Better Half made all these moments slightly cringe worthy.

Best Actor
Michael Miu

I'm going to nominate him because he's done enough. He wasn't great but he was quite convincing in his role. I liked how he portrayed his simpleton character but I felt that the big emotional scenes (but rather ill-devised ones) of the plot let him down a bit as I still get rather annoyed by his botox eyes - there's no expression in his eyes!

Best Actress
Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung never fails to impress me. I love her so much and this series reconfirmed that because even in such an average series Maggie Cheung shined through as utterly memorable and a gem of TVBs past fadans. I hope Maggie continues to film for TVB despite it being the end of her contract because I just can't wait until Maggie gets another breakthrough role.

Best Supporting Actor
Michael Tse

I demoted Michael Tse into supporting because I always had the feeling he was a supporting character despite him having a lot of screen time. And for a rather small series I don't think it can really command having 4 lead actors. Anyway Michael Tse did well here I thought, whilst yet again he wasn't great he managed to leave an impression on me. Whilst I'm here I just want to say I liked Theresa Lee as Miu Ling Chi but her acting was too forced at times and her weak command of the Chinese language just made some of her scenes sound rehearsed - sorry because I know quite a few people liked Theresa Lee in this role.

Best Supporting Actress
Mimi Lo

If you've been following these posts you must know by now that Mimi Lo is one of my favourite actresses in TVB, sadly she didn't get that much air time but every scene she was in was definitely acted well and a joy to watch.

Suet Nei
There are so many experienced female actresses that I love and Suet Nei is quickly ascending to being one of my favourites. Her portrayal in this series was just sweet to watch more so when she was the nice and considerate mother. She deserves to be recognised because she probably won't be from TVB.

Best Couple
Michael Miu and Maggie Cheung

They had some pretty random storylines but I still liked their pairing. It was nice to see Maggie play the strong women and Michael the weaker of the pair, it played to their strengths well in my opinion.

Most Improved Actor
Oscar Leung

Oscar Leung is really becoming the breakout star this year. I don't know whether his acting has improved but I definitely notice him more nowadays, he's becoming one of my favourite actors this year, hopefully he'll find a series where he'll really exceed in as I'd love if he could be nominated for Most Improved Actor this year.

Breakthrough Performance
Grace Wong

I think this is her debut as an actress and I think she did well. When she shed her bossy OL look she became memorable, well actually that's when she started to get some screen time. She still has a long way to go but this is definitely in the right direction.

 Recognition Award
Suet Nei

For being a great actress who won't be recognised by TVB.

Lee Fung

Another great actress who will sadly be ignored by TVB as long as they've got their more famous older actresses to hold the line.

Oh I also want to give recognition to Law Ho Kai, I'm not nominating him for an award but I just thought his role in this series deserved at least a mention. He portrayed the cross dressing deranged nurse who wanted to get pregnant to show his deceased wife that even he could have a child - yeah weird plot but I loved it! It just summed up this series and Law Ho Kai did well to portray this random character.

So 8 series down for me! The next update about TVB 2010 will be when I'm in HONG KONG! WOOHOO! lol. I'll be watching A Fistful of Stances, Fly With Me, When Lanes Merge, The Mysteries of Love, A Pillowcase of Mystery 2, Ghost Writer, Sisters of Pearl, Suspects in Love and possibly OL Supreme so I've got a lot of stuff to post in the next two months!

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