Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Never trust public transport! Train = FAIL!

So so so annoyed with the train. Today I went to buy my return ticket to my destination, all was fine going there. It was a lovely day and I was in the best mood - I even helped an old lady with her bags. But then, whilst returning from my journey, when I went to the ticket barrier I couldn't get out, seeing that there was a guy at the side of the barrier I thought it'd be easier to ask him to let me through - NOTE I ASKED THE GUY FOR HELP - he then grunted at me that my ticket was a child ticket! And he was going to fine me! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT THE STUPID WOMAN AT THE TICKETING COUNTER ISSUED ME WITH A CHILD TICKET! I DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR A CHILD TICKET AND I DIDN'T BOTHER CHECKING MY TICKET BECAUSE I DIDN'T EXPECT TO BE GIVEN THE WRONG TICKET. IT CLEARLY WAS NOT MY FAULT, IF I HAD THE INTENT TO EVADE THE ADULT COSTS I WOULDN'T HAVE SOUGHT HELP WITH THE BARRIER GUY AND TOLD HIM HOW OLD I WAS. I COULDN'T AND WOULDN'T TAKE THAT LYING DOWN SO I PROCEEDED TO ARGUE WITH THIS "TERMINAL OFFICER". Finally after about 20 minutes he saw that I wasn't a thief, and that a thief wouldn't be stupid enough to hand himself in, but I still had to pay an extra £2.70 for what would have been a full adult ticket - gutted.

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