Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wimbledon 2010: Day 9

Pleasantly surprised that Tomas Berdych beat Roger Federer, I'm so happy that Federer won't make the final as I'm utterly bored of it. It is truly anybody's game now. I can potentially see any of the semifinalists winning the title, of course I'd like Djokovic or Murray to win! Djokovic thrashed Yen-Hsun Lu whilst Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal both took 4 sets in defeating their opponents (both having lost the first set). I'm hoping it's a Djokovic/Murray final where Djokovic wins - and I'm British!)

Still overly happy with Tomas's win - I knew he could do it, and now his Grand Slam record has at least 2 SF appearances - good job Tomas.

I don't normally talk about doubles but seeing the Williams' lose in the women's doubles was a shock. Whilst Serena had her fair share of errors I think this suggests that Venus is sliding so I'm not convinced she'll stay in the Top 2 for long - is she still in it?

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