Thursday, 22 October 2009

Antm 13 Episode 8

I've been succesful in predicting Ashley and Kara's elimination but this week I slipped up, though Rae was on my list of possibles.

Erin provided me with a funny moment this week - Erin said that Nicole was socially inept whilst she herself was more relatable - lol!

It's annoying that ANTM is trying to overdramatise anything nowadays. Yes it's awful that Laura has dyslexia but so many people have it nowadays - people learn and move on from it it's not that bad compared to being raped like Rae! Come on ANTM at least play the sympathy card on the right case.

Anyway, moving on to something less depressing... (or possibly more!) Why were Kim and Bre suddenly mentioned this week? What have they done post ANTM? I don't live in America so I don't know if they're are D-list celebs or what not.

Jennifer - She was decent
Sundai - Her blank face was funny
Laura - At least she carried on.
Erin - She was decent but she looked weird.
Brittany - you can see her thinking/scanning
Rae - seemed a bit weird.
Nicole - She looked crazy. But she provided comic relief, however instead of asking her if she had kids she should have asked if she wanted kids, at least that'd be different and somewhat interesting (personal life questions without being too personal).

Jennifer - It was really good, the eye thing was a bit weird and the head tilting was a bit over annoying but overall it was relatable and natural.
Laura - She was awkward but not that bad, her smile was a bit fake as well.
Brittany - Stiff but an OK performance.
Nicole - This is really good as well, BRAVO!
Rae - She was really nervous and stiff.
Sundai - Her voice is really annoying.
Erin - She need to smile (but of course she was crying), at times she had it but most of the times her emotions took over.

Best to worst

So here's my favourites ranking

Nicole and Jennifer
Erin, Brittany, Laura
Sundai, Rae

Nicole - She is quirky, beautiful, intelligent, kind and just uber cool! lol! She even aced the commercials, how can she be denied! She's a McKey but better in every way - photos/personality/interview/look.

Jennifer - Love her charisma and personality. She's also ASIAN! If only she didn't have her eye thing and of course she needs to photograph with her mouth closed sometimes.

Erin - I don't really like her attitude but I'm putting her in my 2nd group basically because she's pretty! - I'm so lame!

Brittany - Quirky but pretty yet really intelligent! She's real and I like that - she's not overly nice nor is she nasty.

Laura - I finally like her! I think I didn't like her that much at the start because I didn't like her look but now I'm fine with it.

Sundai - She's starting to annoy me, especially since she's in the Top 6 when she doesn't deserve to be.

Rae - I like Rae and I sympathise with her but she is a bit too bland for me to remember her.

I don't want to predict the Top 6 because besides Sundai I'm actually quite confused to what is going to happen.

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