Friday, 2 October 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Week 2 Dance 2

Best of the Night
Ricky and Natalie - They were just fantastic, Ricky actually gave me goosebumps, his angles were fantastic. But he was moving so quick most of the time I thought he was doing martial arts! lol.

Worst of the Night
Richard and Lilia - I just found him awkward to watch.

I'm giving this to Natalie and Vincent this week because I didn't think she danced the dance. She had great energy but I personally don't believe she should have got higher than 25 for her dance.

Very few would agree with me but I'm giving this to Jo and Brendan. I didn't really think their performance was that bad tbh - maybe I'm delusional!

One to Watch Out For!
There were a few celebrities who had really snappy spins but Ricky was at Typhoon speed! Watch out or you'll be blown away by Ricky and Natalie!

So after two weeks we've seen all 16 and of course Martina and Richard who are now out so what have I got to say about the 14 left!

Ali Bastian - a gorgeous dancer who will undoubtedly go far in this competition, at least Top 6 I believe but who's going to tell what could happen along the coming weeks. Unlike Ricky Whittle I think Ali's success is through hard work plus a dose of talent therefore you never know if she would suddenly drop from the top like Cherie did last year.

Lynda Bellingham - I love Lynda, she's such a joyful lady. Her dancing isn't that bad but it's obvious that she's only got a matter of weeks left on the show.

Joe Calzaghe - I can't stand watching Joe dance, he's like a Neanderthal on the dancefloor. I really want him to go because he's not that interesting of a personality either but it's obvious that he'll get a decent amount of votes from his fame and therefore stay for another two weeks at least.

Natalie Cassidy - She has real heart and the Eastenders sash to go with it. If she can keep her foot on the right spot she'll be able to stay around to the middle stages with her stronger support compared to some other celebrities. I like Natalie but she's not my favourite.

Ricky Groves - His funny performance last week will only save him for a certain amount of time, underneath that he's not that great a dancer and I don't believe it's going to improve much more from here on. Ricky will undoubtedly keep attention on him for a week or two unless he performs another crowd lifting funny routine.

Chris Hollins - He's the darkhorse of this competition I believe he'll stay until the mid to latter stages e.g. Top 9 to Top 5 region, unless he suddenly loses all his dancing skills and falls to the level we all expected him to be at before his performances last week. I'll be intrigued to see what he can do with the inception of Laila, Zoe, Ricky etc into the main group as last week he really only had Ali to contend with.

Jade Johnson - Jade's a fighter, it's obvious, but I fear she'll fade if she doesn't steal the judges attention soon. Her face of dissapointment when she received those scores would also not go down well with the public, nobody likes a girl who is too competitive and ungreatful. I like Jade but I don't think she's going to make the Top 4. A Top 8 finish in my perspective.

Craig Kelly - Craig isn't going to go far, he's got the determination and passion I believe but after dropping into the danceoff it's quite obvious he'll leave in the next 4 weeks.

Zoe Lucker - She's a great dancer and it's obvious she's going to do well in the coming weeks but I wonder how she's going to cope in the next few weeks. I like Zoe but I want to know what would happen when the full 14 get together.

Laila Rouass - I love Laila and partnered with Anton they're bound to bring a lot of laughs. I hope Laila can prove she's not only good at looking like a dancer but can also be a dancer. I'd expect at least a Top 8 finish but I hope she could make the Top 4.

Phil Tufnell - I like Phil but I truly found it weird when he got 29 for his first dance. I believe he's not going to get the same region of scores this week but he's going to stay for another 4-5 weeks at least I think.

Ricky Whittle - The one to beat, but how many times has the one to beat been the one to win? I won't go into Series 1 or 2 but Series 3 Darren won but Colin Jackson and Zoe Ball were obviously the better two. Mark Ramprakash was one of the best in Series 4 but I don't know whether he was the best really. Emma Bunton did score a higher average. Since Kelly Brook left in Series 5 Alesha was basically sealed the win. Tom and Camilla were definitely not considered the best even by the judges as he got the lowest score out of the 3 in the final! It's more being a decent dancer multiplied by being loved by the public and I think Ricky may actually have both of these going for him!

Rav Wilding - I love Rav but sadly he's not a good dancer. He's probably going to go in 2 or 3 weeks time.

Jo Wood - Similar to Rav she's not a great dancer. She's leave in the next 2 - 3 weeks I think.

Best 4 Dancers (in my opinion)
Ricky Whittle
Zoe Lucker
Ali Bastian
Laila Rouass

My Favourite Couples (of course in my opinion)
Laila and Anton
Ricky and Natalie
Rav and Aliona
Jo and Brendan

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