Sunday, 11 October 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

Sadly it's Zoe and James again! I like Zoe but I didn't think her Foxtrot was worth 33.

Jade and Ian possibly had one of the best Salsa's of the night but she was only given 29? That's even more weird when you consider the generally positive feedback she got. Just to say, Jo and Brendan nearly got this from me again but I reconsidered as this would have been the 4th time in a row!

Best of the Night
I still think Ricky and Natalie were the best. Ricky's dance was a showdance and had very clever choreography - he's still the best dancer in the competition.

Worst of the Night
Joe and Kristina - though he's improved he still seems a bit dead!

One to watch out for
Who would have guess Laila and Anton to top the leaderboard! I'm so happy for her as Laila and Anton are like one of my favourite couples.

Sadly Lynda left over Craig? Why did Bruno and Len save Craig? I don't dislike Craig but I like Lynda more! And personally I think Lynda's a better dancer! Well the laggers behind and the top of the pack are well and truly formed now. Ricky, Zoe, Laila and Ali are the Top 4. Jade is a close 5th but she'll have to fight for it against Natalie. Chris and Ricky finish the top 8. The weakest are Joe, Jo, Craig and Phil at the moment. I think the Top 6 are going to all finish in the Top 6 whilst the other 6 may well finish in different orders.

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