Sunday, 4 October 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Week 3

Best of the Night
Personally I felt that Ali and Brian were the best of the night. I loved the smooth and elegant lines. It was a dreamy and refreshing performance that deserved to be praised.

Worst of the Night
Sadly this goes to Craig and Flavia. I never got into the dance and tbh it was the most forgettable for me. I just didn't see much - it probably wasn't the worst technically but in my opinion it was the worst performance.

I wanted to give this to a few people but in the end it boiled down to where they placed in comparison to my rankings rather than what score they received. Zoe and James had the biggest change in rankings between my scoring and the judges so unfortunately they receive the overrated award. I thought it was a decent dance but it lacked the drama a Paso needed I thought. It didn't shake me to the core and yes the music was a bad choice.

Jo and Brendan continue to receive my most underrated award (3 shows in a row now!) When we have people like Ricky Groves who is a performer we understand why he gets high scores even if he isn't technically magnificent, in my opinion Jo should be in that category to. She performs with a sweet grace and honesty which I love and personally I don't find her to be too difficult to watch.

One to Watch Out For
I'm going to give this to Ricky and Erin. I personally thought that Ricky was just an entertainer but this week his technique wasn't all that bad. Underneath all that showbiz he is developing as a dancer and therefore if we waited long enough I think he could be an unexpected dark horse. Just remember what Craig said, he noted Ricky as the one that stood out! Watch out for Ricky - Groves that is!

It was disappointing to see Rav leave but I have to agree that Lynda was a better dancer. It was a shame to see Lynda in the dance off as she was actually mid table - is she losing the popular vote? I hope not! Anyway commiserations to Rav.

I think Ricky W, Ali, Zoe, Jade, Laila have carved themselves out to be the current Top 5 with Ricky G, Natalie, Chris and Phil being near the middle of the group. Jo, Joe, Chris and Lynda are sadly the spare parts at the moment.

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