Friday, 2 October 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Week 2 Dance 1

Sorry about the late post but I've been so busy for the past week anyway here goes.

Best of the Night
Ricky and Natalie - Ricky was poised and smooth. He moved gracefully down the dancefloor and his light footwork made this the perfect start. I knew since his group dance that he'd be a huge threat.

Worst of the Night
Richard and Lilia - Sadly Richard looked stiff and awkward. His arm was evidently weak, he seems such a nice guy but his dancing leaves a lot to be desired.

Phil and Katya - In all honesty I was bored of his dance. It was slow and had little variation. He did have good movement and he flowed really well but 29 was way too high a score.

Jo and Brendan - As I didn't think anyone was specifically underrated I'm going to give this award to Jo because she's such a sweetheart and the judges were quite harsh on her. Though she did perform badly I still like her.

One to Watch Out For
Jo and Brendan - They get this award because I love Jo's personality, she's so cool and I fear if I don't give them awards now I won't have the chance later!

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