Sunday, 18 October 2009

Strictly Come Dancing 5th Dance

Best of the Night
This goes to Jade and Ian, Jade was exceptionally graceful and elegant so how could you deny her from getting such a great score.

Worst of the Night
Sadly this goes to Joe and Kristina again.

Natalie and Vincent receive this award because I felt that their Vienesse Waltz was one of the worst of the night but they still scored decently.

Chris and Ola, I remember giving them overrated a few weeks back but anyway I think the judges were too harsh on them.

One to watch out for
Jade and Ian - they finally look like contenders for the title.

I was shocked when Zoe and James were in the bottom 2, they were 3rd on the leaderboard! I'd thought they'd have a good base of fans but I guess not as she must have scored the fewest votes to land at bottom 2. Well at least it meant Joe and Kristina were definitely out - to my shock as I thought Joe's fans would save him for another week. Anyway Craig has to go next!

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