Sunday, 4 October 2009

ANTM - 9 Left

Where did they all go? Already 5 have left and it's getting closer and closer to the overseas episodes! Eeek! Anyway here's my take on the girls remaining.

Jennifer An
I love Jennifer, she's got a great personality and on top of that she's ASIAN! I think she's bound to get overseas but sadly I haven't really seen a photo I've loved of Jennifer - I hope that will change quickly. The judges seem to love her though.

Nicole Fox
Nicole is absolutely gorgeous! I have her on top and so do the judges. I just wish she'd get a FCO soon. She has the most potential imo and she's one of the most interesting characters. Definitely in for overseas and probably at least Top 4.

Ashley Howard
Sadly I don't think it's possible that she'll survive another week. I like Ashley, she's got potential but sadly she's taking to long to realize even an ounce of it. If she is safe next week I'll be shocked.

Laura Kirkpatrick
I don't dislike Laura but sadly I don't understand the craze for her? I don't see her as a potential model and personally I don't think she's doing that well in the competition. Questionable whether she'll make the Top 6 but she probably will.

Sundai Love
Sadly Sundai is going to be up soon because she's simply not giving enough and is one of the girls with the least potential. I like Sundai but unless Tyra uses the - even 5'3 can win ANTM I don't think she'll continue for much longer.

Brittany Markert
I love Brittany because she's quirky but sexy. She's a bit up and down so she'll probably make it around the Top 6 but fall before top 3, I don't know at the moment. I'd definitely like to see more of her.

Kara Vincent
She does have a lot of potential but until she knows how to work her angles she'll look masculine on most angles. I definitely think she could make it far in the competition but whether she'll make the Top 4 or beyond is currently undecided.

Erin Wagner
Erin is a beautiful girl who is obviously extremely modelesque but its even more obvious that she'll be edited as the girl with an attitude aka Jenah Cycle 10. A great model but the judges will be questioning her finesse. Top 3.

Rae Weisz
A great women but she's slipping in my books - some would say otherwise. I like Rae but she doesn't strike me as being a Top model nor is her performance great at the moment.

Winner: Nicole
Runner Up: Jennifer
Third: Erin
Fourth: Brittany
Fifth: Kara or Rae
Sixth: Laura - I just can't see her making it any further in the competition.
Seventh: Sundai, I doubt she's going to make it overseas.
Eighth: I'm undecided but I'm leaning towards Kara or Rae (possibly Laura) because I don't think Tyra would eliminated 4 black girls in a row. If either survive this week then they'll be into the Top 6.
NEXT: Ashley - Though next week should suit Ashley to the T I think she's going to be cut anyway.

The above prediction is by no means definitive - it's just how I feel at the moment and that's bound to change.

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