Thursday, 29 October 2009

ANTM 13 Episode 9

Brittany is decent, just because shes had two mediocre weeks doesn't mean she should be eliminated when Miss Gap Kids is still in!

Here's my opinion on the Top 6.

Nicole - the best, definitely should win and with Tyra's new groove of choosing the predictable girl (e.g. Cycle 11 Mckey, Cycle 12 Teyona) I think she has the best chance of winning.

Jennifer - I love her, I don't like the awful comments she gets from netizens. By no means is she my favourite model but I'd love to see more of her.

Laura - Like Jennifer I think she isn't the best model but quite a lot of you would beg to differ. However I'm beginning to like her a lot so I wouldn't mind her staying - as long as she doesn't kick off Nicole!

Erin - Personally I think Erin and Nicole are better models left. Erin's look just screams model, she just needs to work on her personality. I know she's annoying but you can't deny her model potential.

Sundai - I use to like her but now as she's getting further and further into the competition whilst other more worthy models are falling I've begun to dislike her. Now she's borderline annoying and very underserving. Her photos are the same week on week and even at her best I found her photo to be amateurish this week.

Brittany - Brittany had the mix of being generally liked by viewers, having model potential and having a decent personality so I dont understand why she was eliminated this week. I'm so dissapointed she has gone! If Sundai isn't out next week I don't know what I'll do as the other 4 are decent (even though I've rarely liked Laura's photos)

This week my photo rankings are...
Nicole - WOW
Jennifer - Some people don't like this but I do, I may be a fan of Jennifer's but I'm not really a fan of her photos so I'm not being biased here.
Erin - Some may find this shot boring but I find it more emotive than the three photos below.
Brittany - I understand where she's coming from, it's average but not the worst.
Laura - I like it but it doesn't make any sense to me, why the pose, why the look and why everything?
Sundai - The shot looks amateurish, she looks like a 12 year old and she's doing the same thing over and over again in all her shots.

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