Saturday, 20 November 2010

ANTM 15 my favourite photograph (SPOILERS)

Well we all know who wins, at least everyone who follows RTVG or any other ANTM site. So we all expected it and I honestly say she was the best for ANTM, though she wasn't my favourite. Since ANTM 11 winners have been easy to predict, McKey ANTM 11, Teyona ANTM 12, Nicole ANTM 13 and Krista ANTM 14. Every winner has been the outright favourite. I think ANTM learnt from the Saleisha and Whitney incidents and has since decided to make ANTM predictable and crown winners that were foreseeable and did well overall. Anyway as I have said before my favourites this year were Kendal, Jane and Rhianna. Chelsey was also a girl I rooted for but the queen has ascended her throne.

I can't be bothered to hide the winner's name anymore so from now on I will state her name, which is none other than ANN. I still don't think Ann is ready for superstardom, her walk needs a lot of polishing and her confidence still needs a huge boosting but the fact that she can book Versace even with that walk says something about her.

Anyway onto my favourite photograph this season. This photograph really blew me out of the window, it was just what "this model" needed to put her on my map and that photograph is...

Ann's Covergirl shot

What annoyed me about Ann's photographs time and time again was her stunned look in her eyes, finally Ann has found a way to tone it down and make it truly captivating rather than frightening. It may be a bit high fashion for Covergirl but oh well this cycle is supposed to be high fashion. With this photograph I can finally say I LOVE one of Ann's shots.

I also want to commend another shot which defined this cycle for me, well half of the shot, and that is Jane's Rodeo Group shot.
Just LOVE LOVE LOVE Jane's expression and styling, so whimsical. Anyway there you have it, my favourites photos this cycle.

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