Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer is a relative disappointment to me, it's actually a bit boring to me, the only thing that is keeping my interest at the moment is Fala Chen and Steven Ma's relationship. There are too many evil characters in this series as well making it quite depressing seeing all the good characters get pushed over by the bad guys.

EDIT: I have finished watching the series now I'm pretty annoyed with the series on the whole, it didn't live up to expectations. The ending was a bit sloppy as well, yeah it's cool that Linda/Steven/Fala could be together but it was just a bit slapdash to me. In fact I might almost call it a sad ending as Linda basically will stay as a ghost for the rest of her "life" when Steven dies, or will Steven also reject reincarnation? It's so difficult to be angry at these plots because everything is just pure fiction. What I hate about TVB series is that everything gets resolved in a blink of an eye, what was 10 episodes worth of build up for? It just makes the story seem a bit flawed. I did like when they showed scenes of the past Liu Zhai series because I loved them! One thing I find very odd is that if everybody's soul lingers on earth once you die then why did Sunny Chan's soul go straight up into the sky (like a UFO landing!) And where did Elliot Yue, Eric Li and Ruco Chan's soul go when they died? Sorry I just find Ghost Writer a rushed and sloppy production of Pu Songling's story.

Best Actor
Steven Ma

Steven has done himself proud this year, every series this year he has performed decently. It was a solid performance by Steven in Ghost Writer.

Sunny Chan

Sunny's character is annoying but Sunny did well enough for his character.

Best Actress
Fala Chen

I love Fala Chen in this series, she is so sweet and funny in this series. Fala has definitely had a breakthrough year. Edit: having seen her in the last 5 episodes I have decided to take her off my Favourite Female Character list because she was just plain annoying in them, what tipped me off was when she turned Linda into a fox spirit as well (even if it was Sunny's idea), I just wished they kept Fala's character sweet and fun.

Linda Chung

Linda hasn't had a fruitful year this year but she did relatively well here so I'll give her a nomination for this. 

Best Supporting Actor
Elliot Yue

Elliot has always played this type of character but previously I wasn't that interested in his acting but I thought he did well in Ghost Writer.

Best Couple
Fala Chen and Steven Ma

I like Fala and Steven's relationship more than Linda and Steven's because Fala and Steven was more fun and enjoyable to watch but I'll always be a Linda/Steven supporter!

Most Improved Actor
Ruco Chan

Not necessarily for Ghost Writer but I think Ruco Chan deserves to be nominated for this award because I think he has improved since his first drama with TVB.


  1. you have good taste abt Ruco~~
    Sure he will be very successful! ! !

  2. you are very handsome ruco