Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Gun Metal Grey

To be honest Gun Metal Grey isn't really exciting me as much as some people have been with it but it's a decent series with a decent cast.

Best Actor
Michael Miu

I'm beginning to like Michael Miu now, he still strikes me as rather stiff in humorous scenes but he's getting there. I liked his more serious acting as well and to be honest I liked watching Michael more than Felix who was extremely irritating to me.

Best Actress
Jessica Hsuan

At the moment I'm still looking for a bit more from Jessica but she'll always be a consideration for me as she is definitely one of TVB's best.

Best Supporting Actor
Vincent Wong

I've actually never noticed Vincent Wong in a series but he managed to capture my attention here. He acted well for a relative newbie to main supporting character. I think because of this I'm also nominating him for...

Most Improved Actor
Breakthrough Performance

Best Supporting Actress
Nancy Wu

Nancy Wu always does well I think, she does deserve some recognition.

Best Couple
Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan

This couple is definitely one of the more interesting parts of this series, I love when Jessica went sneaking into Michael's flat to see the dream room he had created for her and of course when Jessica confided to Michael about her feelings for Felix. 

Most Annoying Character
Felix Wong

Felix Wong's character was annoying on all levels to me. When I watch this series I just remember Catch Me Now in 2008, another Robin Hood type story. Damian Lau in Catch Me Now was much more endearing whilst Felix's character is just annoying and plain evil. I can't wait until he gets what he deserves.

Recognition Award
Rebecca Chan

Rebecca Chan has been diligently ploughing through character after character these few years and she really deserves some recognition because she always delivers a good performance.

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  1. Hi. I love Michael Miu too, as his acting are truly romantic and interesting. What I can say is, congratulations to Jamie Chik, Michael's wife. She's the luckiest woman in the world. Wish I was her(sad).