Sunday, 7 November 2010

Miss International 2010 review

Ok I have not watched it, hopefully will do at some point, but I know the results and to be honest they're not that bad. I do follow missosology and the comments left by the bitter Filipinos on the live update thread is just rude. Elizabeth Mosquera is a beautiful delegate who was a true dark horse to win this competition. Krista Kleiner is beautiful as well but was far overrated. She was still a crown favourite but she wasn't out of anybody's league. I am very happy for Thailand who managed to win 1st Runner Up. But China winning 2nd Runner Up is absolutely weird, out of so many beautiful girls they chose her? Quite astonishing. Give Japan her rightful placing.

Anyway this was my Top 15 going into the Finals (Top 5 at the top of the list)
Costa Rica

Czech Republic
Puerto Rico
United Kingdom

Therefore I got 9 out of 15, which is a very good result for me. Turkey was also in my to watch list. I did not place China, France, Serbia, Peru or Spain but I had an inkling feeling that Serbia and Spain would make it anyway. I'm a little disappointed that Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece and United Kingdom didn't make the list but nothing will ever go perfectly will it. To be honest Greece really didn't "show up" in the pageant. She is potentially a stunner but she just didn't perform whilst the UK was more a matter of patriotism for me. Many fans must be shocked that Brazil didn't make it, whilst I'm shocked as well I'm not all too disappointed. Towards the end of the pageant I finally placed her in my Top 15 but still I had my doubts about her, Mexico too even though I like Mexico.

Anyway I haven't watched the pageant but I'm very happy that Thailand and Venezuela made the Top 3, what would have made a great Top 3 would have been Japan's inclusion but it probably wasn't going to happen seeing the political stance China had against Japan - we all know this pageant had a bit of politics running through it if China got 2nd Runner Up in her home country. Honestly, attention to all pageant holders, please withdraw from China and hold your pageants somewhere else!

Also I did predict that Krista wasn't going to win the crown. Another thing is I want to do is congratulate Thailand for having awesome representatives this year. They have definitely fielded 4 extremely strong delegates and finally one of them makes the Top 3. Thai fans need to be more vocal as tbh I think Thailand have a better overall 4 compared to Philippines but look at the Filipino fans overrating all their delegates. Don't get me wrong Venus, Czarina and Krista are a beautiful Top 3 but I personally find Fonthip, Sirirat and Piyaporn to be prettier. Thailand keep up the good work.

Finally I congratulate Miss Venezuela again, she is stunning, I was worried that she wasn't getting enough attention at the pageant but yet again the Venezuelan's perform. It also solidifies my opinion that the Miss Venezuela 09 batch is one of the best groups of Miss Venezuela title holders with Adriana coming 3rd in Miss World and Elizabeth winning MI, shame that Marelisa didn't place because she is just as good as the other two.

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