Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Some Day

I haven't actually finished watching Some Day but as I don't see the point of posting a full review after the TVB awards ceremony I'll put my nominations up now and then adjust accordingly if I want to change anything when I finish the series. I'll do this with Ghost Writer (currently at episode 18) Gun Metal Grey (have about a week left to watch) and The Mysteries of Love (2 more episodes left). That leaves me with Fly With Me, Suspects in Love, Growing Through Life, When Lanes Merge and Sisters of Pearl. I've actually watched parts of all those series listed besides Sisters of Pearl so I'll just rewatch one episode and then post my nominations here, Sisters of Pearl will be more difficult but hopefully one episode would give me enough of an idea.

Anyway back to Some Day, it was a decent long drama but I wasn't necessarily drawn to watch it every day. I did however like Teresa Mo, it's sad that this will be her last series for some time.

Best Actor
Wayne Lai

It was lovely to see Wayne in a totally different role compared to No Regrets or Rosy Business, it showed off his versatility.

Best Actress
Teresa Mo

Teresa actually made her "si lai" character very attractive to watch, it was interesting seeing how this everyday character changed and the things she had to go through. Teresa portrayed this character very well with her daft moments handled with a touch of humour.

Best Supporting Actor
Johnson Lee

I still find it Louise Lee and Johnson's family relationship weird and how can Johnson be playing a character older than Wayne Lai? He is 10 years younger than him! Anyway Johnson deserves a nomination here.

Best Couple
Wayne Lai and Teresa Mo

To be honest most of the time I was watching this series for this couple.

Most Improved Actor
Matt Yeung

Matt Yeung has never been in luck with TVB, it's sad he doesn't get much promotion. He did well here. I originally thought about nominating him for Best Supporting but then I wasn't convinced he was as good as some other characters.

Breakthrough Performance
Let me reiterate, a breakthrough performance for me is somebody who I've never really considered but has made a substantial mark in their current series.

Matt Yeung

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