Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Mysteries of Love

The Mysteries of Love was largely a disappointing series. The cases were generally solved by crazy physics or what not and explained in a pretty boring way for me. I think TVB needs to move away from crime solving for a while as everything seems to be overlapping recently. The romantic plot between Tavia and Raymond was also uninteresting as very clich├ęd in a series which should have been breaking boundaries. Kenneth and Bernice's story wasn't much better and they felt like a spare part, all in all I was very disappointed.

Best Actor
Raymond Lam

Though his character was boring I think Raymond did ok in such a monotonous role. Yes he could have done better but I think Raymond at least deserves a bit of recognition - though not enough for a Top 5 nomination.

Best Actress
Tavia Yeung

Tavia's role was more interesting and as always Tavia did well. Her crying scenes were actually quite emotional and she was in general one of the highlights of this series.

Best Supporting Actor
Kenneth Ma

Kenneth played his playboy role well, though I prefer him in more "goodie goodie" roles I felt this was an interesting change to his usual typecast character.

Ruco Chan

His short story was enough for me to consider him as Best Supporting. This year Ruco has been playing a lot of evil roles, each one he was decent enough for me to remember him, Ruco deserves some recognition though he still has areas which he needs to improve in.

Breakthrough Performance
Doris Chow

You may be asking me who? But I think Doris Chow was a refreshing addition to this cast, she seems to portray the professional characters well as I remember seeing her in Gun Metal Grey as a Forensic Scientist as well. Anyway good job Doris.

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