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The Apprentice UK Season 6

We are nearing the finals of The Apprentice 6 and as I haven't made an extensive post about it yet I thought I'd give it a go now.

Five normally make it to the final interviews, we have seven at the moment. Who are the two to go?


Lord Sugar still thinks highly of Chris but how many times can he be saved? If Chris makes the boardroom next week, which is likely considering there are only three left in his group now, alarm bells will surely be firing in Lord Sugar's head. I don't know how likely it is for Lord Sugar to change the teams around (I doubt it) but if Synergy does lose again we'll be losing a credible Top 5 candidate. However saying that I think Chris should be safe for the Top 5. If I was a betting man I'd say if Synergy were to lose next week Jamie would be going, sadly. Thus if that did happen somebody from Apollo will move into Synergy and give Chris a fighting chance for the Final 5 if Synergy were to lose again in the final task before Top 5. It's difficult because if we take this out of context normally Lord Sugar will go for the Jamie type candidate rather than the Chris' but I think Jamie has had too many chances. For Sandeesh's week he was considered lucky by Lord Sugar and for this week he was potentially going to get fired. 


Jamie started off the competition as a very good bet for the Final 2, he has been sliding down lately and that has raised a huge question mark in my head as to whether he'll still be in the final 2, as even Lord Sugar has stated this. I think Jamie is a true dark horse in this competition but he is at a very risky situation. Basically Jamie needs to perform extremely well in the final 2 tasks before the Final (and be praised for it by Nick or Karen). He then needs to be on the winning team to ensure he doesn't make the Bottom 3. If Jamie survives the next two weeks he'll be a contender for the Final 2 but luck will have to be on his side (however much Lord Sugar doesn't like the word!)


I don't think Laura has long left in her, she'll be one of the next to go. It really depend what happens in the next two weeks, there are a lot of possibilities that could occur. Next week it'll probably be Joanna or Laura who will lead Apollo as neither have been PM for a long time. Similarly I see Jamie potentially being the PM for Synergy, unless Liz has a real passion for it. If Laura does get PM and loses she'll probably be fired, if Joanna gets PM then it'll depend. If Apollo does lose and Joanna chooses to take Stuart and Laura into the boardroom then it'll be a flip between Stuart and Laura I think (unless Joanna does a Paloma). If she takes Stella and either Stuart or Laura then either Stuart of Laura will go. That's my logic. I think Laura will literally need to have 9 lives to survive until the Final 5. Like Jamie she needs to avoid the boardroom both weeks until the Final 5 if she is to have a shot at the Final 2. I just had a thought, as Laura and Joanna haven't been PM for so long Lord Sugar might just put them both as PM (either Joanna or Laura moves to Synergy) not impossible though unlikely.


I think most people think Liz is a sure bet for the Final 2. I also think she'll be in the Final 2 but I'm not sure she's as good as we think she is. She reminds me a lot of Michelle Season 2 and Kate Season 5, she is that calm but efficient girl who gets on with everyone and is liked by the public (I personally didn't favour either of them). As we have seen, Michelle won Season 2 but Kate lost in Season 5. Her opponent in the final 2 will be the decider for her. I think Liz will sail through to the Final 5, in Synergy she has the most potential to be safe even if she makes the boardroom, Lord Sugar likes her enough to keep her over Jamie or Chris I think. What I find interesting is that Lord Sugar has only employed late 20's, with the exception of Lee McQueen Season 4 who was only 30. We are potentially seeing the youngest winner on Apprentice this year unless Jamie or Stella win - this year's candidates are unusually young on average.


I think everyone likes Stella and it'll be a shame to see her go but I don't see her winning the Apprentice. Like Liz she is a calm and efficient woman but what Stella seems to lack is that fire for sales, that'll be why Lord Sugar fires her in the interview stages, I think. I'm sure she'll make the Final 5 but Lord Sugar really needs to see that "grit" in you to chose you and I'm not sure Stella has that. I will be pleasantly surprised if she makes the final 2.


Stuart annoys me so so so so much. He is literally a bulldozer and I don't think Nick or Karen have much praise for him. On the other hand fellow bulldozer Joanna isn't as irritating as he is and Nick seems to be seeing potential in her. I think Stuart will be one of the two going in the following weeks, but that is if Apollo loses both tasks. Stuart could potentially sneak his way into the Top 5 but I don't see the possibility of him making the Final 2.


Joanna has come a long way since her episode 2 rant, people are starting to see her potential and I think she could be a silent threat to this competition. What we need to understand is every year since maybe last year we have had a loud mouthed, hard working, "grittier", sales orientated woman in the final 2. We had Saira in Season 1, Ruth in Season 2, to a lesser extent Kristina in Season 3, Claire in Season 4 and Yasmina fits a few  of those characteristics but not all. Last season was a change in momentum. Whilst Yasmina is "grittier" than Kate she is by no means a Saira, Ruth or Claire in terms of bulldozing sales. Joanna would fit the bill for the loud-mouthed final 2 but has Lord Sugar steered away from that preference? What is essentially problematic is that besides Liz I currently don't know who'll be in the Final 2, I potentially see Lord Sugar doing a Season 4 again and having 4 in the final. We'll have to see if Joanna continues the upward rise, if she does we may be seeing another all female final.

So you've read my analysis, what do you think?
Here's a recap.
For next week if Apollo lose then Laura will probably be sent packing.
If Synergy lose then it's going to be Jamie, I think.

For the Final 5 I think the best outcome would be Chris, Jamie, Joanna, Liz and Stella. It would depend if Stuart avoids the boardroom both weeks, if he doesn't and Laura is not there I think Stuart will be gone. So I think the final spot will be a toss between Jamie or Stuart.

For the Final 2 I think Liz will be in it, I'm not prepared to say she's going to win as I don't think I've seen enough at the moment. Who'll join her? I don't think it'll be Chris. There's a 50/50 chance for him but I don't think he'll make it based on analysis of previous seasons. It'll also be weird if two investment bankers made the final 2. I don't see Stella making it either, I don't think she has what Lord Sugar is looking for. Don't get me on Stuart. And Laura has no chance imo. That leaves Joanna and Jamie. It's tough to consider either of those two at the moment but I think they are the most likely candidates. If Jamie survives the next two weeks and performs well I think he's in with a very good chance and if Joanna doesn't perform a Paloma on Lord Sugar I think she'll also be one to watch.

Anyway I just want to comment on the fired candidates
Dan Harris - Right choice, never would have made it on the Apprentice.
Joy Stefanicki - Maybe not for that week but she would have left sooner or later
Raleigh Addington - It was a shame to see him go, I wouldn't have been able to predict his "demise" on The Apprentice with what I've seen but I know I would've liked him.
Shibby Robati - I think he had potential, he should have been saved for a few more weeks at least.
Melissa Cohen - She grated on my nerves!
Paloma Vivanco - I still don't see what was so bad about her boardroom rant, I really think she should have stayed at least until this week because she has performed well in general. Yes she may have been a bit stuck up at times but she's miles better than some other candidates.
Alex Epstein - I didn't like Alex, he definitely should have left before Paloma.
Sandeesh Samra - She was lucky to have survived this far, Lord Sugar saw something but she didn't deliver.
Christopher Farrell - He's a hardworker but as Lord Sugar said I don't think he has that spark. I didn't really like him anyway.

For the 7 left I like Stella, Liz, Jamie, Chris and Joanna. I don't have a particular favourite though. I don't like Laura because she is a whiny bitch! And I don't like Stuart because what is there to like! lol jk.

We'll see what happens next week.

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