Friday, 18 February 2011

7 Days in Life

7 Days in Life had a lot of potential, a plot based on something current, a storyline that was atypical to TVB series and a good cast but what came out was TVB's desperate attempt to be current and relevant. Personally I thought the series lagged, 20 episodes talking about a 7 day experience is a bit too much, not that this couldn't be done well but Leung Choi-yuen, the producer, focused far too much on irrelevant plots and things that were generally quite unnecessary. In the end none of the stories seemed complete. I do applaud the series for being a bit different and having an ok ending but to me it failed to impress.

Best Actor
Steven Ma

Steven manages a decent portrayal yet again, I do find his character interesting if not a bit irritating, but what I like about his portrayal is that he manages to make the character intriguing - not hated. You want to know what he's thinking because in your heart you know he won't be the pure evil character he is written to be at the start.

Bosco Wong

Bosco's image is the energetic type so playing this kind of character suits him. I think he did well in this series though nothing of note. However his character mixes very well with this series, a more typical, impulsive character compared to Steven and Sonija. I was pleasantly shocked he and Oceane were a couple at the end because I thought TVB would put him with Joyce.

Best Actress
Sonija Kwok

It's like I'm giving the nominations to everybody now! Well yeah kind of. Sonija did ok enough for me to give her recognition, will she be nominated at the end of the year for me? Don't think so. But I'm beginning to like Sonija.

Best Supporting Actor
No Nominees

Best Supporting Actress
Mimi Lo

Lol, old prostitute! That was Mimi's character. Quite a refreshing role for her and it was amusing seeing her and Patrick. I find it rather odd that she is 28 in the series though. In fact most of the characters should be 5 years older in general.

Best Couple
No Nominees

Most Improved Actor
No Nominees

Most Improved Actress
Joyce Cheng

Whilst Joyce is very raw with her acting I like her "all-out" style. When you watch her you can see she throws herself into her character and isn't reserved with her acting. I nominated her here as praise to this but if she wants to move up a level she'll need to improve further, becoming more natural.

Koni Lui

Koni was a bit stiff here but I could see improvement from previous roles. I would definitely like to see Koni in more roles.

Favourite Male Character
No Nominees

Favourite Female Character
No Nominees

Breakthrough Performance
Oceane Zhu

Oceane Zhu is quickly becoming one of my favourite new stars. She is evidently less reserved in her acting than many actresses at the start of their career. The next step for Oceane is obviously to improve on her Cantonese because she'll be typecasted by TVB if she can only speak Mandarin.

Best Chemistry
Patrick Tang, Mimi Lo and Coleman Tam

Whilst I don't like Patrick Tang I think collectively they had a lovely chemistry, possibly the most interesting plot in the story. A kidnapper who becomes friends with the victim and in the process gets himself a wife! lol. Their scenes were funny and warm and it was great watching them trying to figure out how to outwit their boss.

Most Annoying Character
Anyone who called Brian Burrell Cooper

Come on TVB if you name a character Copper then at least have the decency to enforce that everybody call him Copper! Not COOPER! Sorry I'm anal like that, but I heard at least 5 variations of the name in the series and I just find it irritating when the subtitles put Copper but actors, prime culprit Kiu Bo Bo, say Cooper.

Recognition Award
Casper Chan

Angelina Lo

Both ladies performed well for their small roles. Casper Chan doesn't get that many roles, she needs to! Whilst Angelina Lo seems to play these type of characters best.

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