Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 Preshow

We are already at Cycle 16! It seems like only days ago when Ann won the IMG contract and Vogue Italia spread. Cycle 15 was already a very good cycle but Cycle 16 looks to have the potential to be even better. I like most of the girls this cycle based on pre show photos but I know after the première some of these opinions will change. Below is my current ranking for the girls.


Currently I don't like Dominique. I'm sure she is a nice girl but out of the 14 I think she has the least potential, and if I must say she is the least attractive. And tbh I don't see why she was cast if this cycle will continue down the route of high fashion. A huge problem is that her face looks swollen in a lot of her pictures, I don't know why that is but I hope she turns it around by the show.


I don't like Sara because she doesn't do anything for me, I don't see the model in her either atm. I wonder how she'll be edited though.


Personally I think I'll begin to like Kasia once the show starts, in fact I'm starting to like her already but still I haven't seen enough of her so at the moment the pinched up face isn't doing enough to push her into my favourites.


I like Hannah, she is pretty and sweet looking but she's also forgettable - to me anyway. I find myself forgetting her most of the time and at the moment she doesn't seem to have the high fashion face.


I like Jaclyn's personality but I'm not convinced by her looks yet. Her face doesn't work for me on film and that worries me. However her personality is so sweet, all-american I know I'll like her but I need to see her photographs.


Yet again I love Ondrei but I love so many girls this cycle, she just hasn't stood out compared to some of the others. Also I've only seen two pictures of her, the one above and one of her clapping. She looked stunning in the GIF but it was evident she was shorter than the others - will that hinder her?


Yet again I like Monique but her photographs don't stand out to me. She looked gorgeous in the promo but she needs to translate that to photographs. I hope she does well but I really doubt she'll win.


Currently Dalya ranks just in my Top half but I can equally see her falling low or climbing to the Top of my chart. What I'm worried about is Dalya's harsh features, she can photograph pretty badly at times and that worries me. In a cycle where I see a lot of photogenic girls I'm not sure I'll have the will to champion a girl that can't photograph well so I hope Dalya isn't one of them.


I'm not sure why I've put her this high but I think it has to do with me liking her look however I also find her pretty forgettable. She actually has quite a lot of pre show work so maybe after looking at that I'll begin to like her more.


I absolutely love her exotic looks but I don't see a high fashion model in her. I just want to see more from her. I think she won't be making the Top 6 but I hope she takes great photos along the way.


OMG this girl's gifs look stunning. Originally I did not like her because the photo above looks average to me but once I saw her in action she swayed me. I really hope she photographs well.


I haven't seen much of Brittani but from what I've seen she deserves to be amongst my Top 4. The photo above reminds me so much of Karlie Kloss, I'm not sure she resembles her in real life but as long as she channels that fierceness she'll get Tyra licking her boots.


Mikaela is one of those girl's which I find difficult to judge. From the promo photos she has the most gorgeous  high fashion face out of any of the girls but I'm worried that face might not translate in all her photos. However, worries aside, she is a gorgeous girl who sits at 2nd in my rankings but she'll need to work hard to keep that.


All hail the queen! Nicole's promo shot wasn't the shot that won me over it was her extensively fantastic pre show work. She has got it and she is ready to work it. However I've also heard that she won't win, and to be honest she doesn't look like the usual ANTM winner. She is OMG pretty but she doesn't have any really distinctive features that ANTM could sell and that's why she'll probably not win. However I hope she takes awesome shots and amazes everyone!

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