Sunday, 20 February 2011

Asadal, Holborn

Today I went to Asadal attracted by its reviews and its close proximity to a tube station! I was expecting some place dark and dingy but in fact it was remarkably airy for an underground joint - more airy than the Korean I went to at Central Point. The place was very spacious, which is always a plus, but I couldn't help but feel like the place was lacking fresh air. The lunch menu is quite much smaller than the dinner menu, the dinner menu looks more interesting to me but anyway I ordered a Dak Bool Go Gi Set, being fooled by it being chicken - in fact what I really want to taste is the Kan Poong Gi but that's only for dinner.

The Dak Bool Go Gi Set (Lunch Box) came with Daikon, Rice, Chae, Salad, some dumplings and of course the chicken. I think nothing was particularly amazing but the whole set was decent as a whole - and very filling. The Chae was nice, though I'm not sure if it's MSG but my throat was a little sore after eating it all. The dumplings tasted nice but they were stone cold, I don't know if they were supposed to come out like that but it gave me the feeling that they had been made in the morning and just dished out with every set. The chicken was tasty, though I'm not sure if it was distinctively Korean as it's my first time eating Dak Bool Go Gi, if I didn't know I would have thought it was Chinese. The broccoli in the chicken was lovely - I'm not normally a broccoli person but the broccoli here held all the juices and was soft but crunchy. My dad had the Yukhei Bibimbab, he isn't a fan of Korean food (is he a fan of food in general?) so he didn't really say much about it.

Anyway it cost us a few pence more than £27, that is for two dishes and two drinks. I'm happy as long as prices don't exceed £40 tbh - unless I go somewhere that I expect to pay more than that. Overall it's a decent place at a convenient location, staff are helpful and polite and the food is good enough. Will consider going for dinner - but definitely not only with my dad.

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