Sunday, 13 February 2011

Princess Garden, North Audley Street

Today I went to Princess Garden, I was actually slightly reluctant to go there for some reason. Well anyway it is just off Oxford Street and it is slightly more expensive than usual Chinatown fare. I loved the decor, the foyer was very trendy and chic and the place looked like the owner had taken care to design the space, the place felt very fresh compared to what you'd find at Chinatown. The waiters looked very smart as well.

We ordered Pork Shiu Mai, Beef and Enoki Cheung Fun, Taro Croquettes, Crabmeat E-fu Noodles and steamed glutinous rice with meat.

The Pork Shiu Mai was the highlight of the meal. The meat was fragrant and juicy and there were no chewy bits. The Beef cheung fun was ok but I'm not sure there was any enoki. The taro croquettes were average, the e-fu noodles were soft but still retained a good texture whilst the glutinous rice wasn't anything to write home about. However what I loved was that everything was piping hot! For the past few weeks everything that I've been served seemed to be lukewarm but everything that came out from Princess Garden seemed to be served right after being cooked, that's why the things came at slightly different times I guess rather than all at once.

Overall I enjoyed it, the food wasn't amazing but good enough, the service was decent and the decor was lovely and fresh. The bill came up to £30 for two people, not bad for somewhere like Princess Garden though the tea was rather expensive at £1.50 per head. My dad, ever discerning, still prefers Chinatown.

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