Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 10

Finally Stephen is out but sadly she dragged out Gabrielle as well.

I have to admit I never found Gabrielle that strong a contender but I loved her personality and she's an Architect so I have to support her! Stephen was really grating me with his manipulative tactics, it was nice to see him more human in You're Fired but I think that might be more just damage control for his reputation.

So with the double elimination we have our Top 5. I thought Jade was the weak link but with this episode I think she's redeemed herself in Lord Sugar's eyes. So now we have our Top 5 who will win?

Nick - He's like the 'saint' of this series. He's never been portrayed badly and everyone seems to like him but then again we have seen very little of him which seems quite odd if he were to win this.

Tom - Around halfway through this series Tom began to be portrayed as a spoilt brat, I find it hard to imagine Lord Sugar would want to work with him from the way they're portraying him but then he does seem like a favourite.

Adam - He seems like Lord Sugar's favourite and people are starting to like him, however I find it difficult to imagine him winning based on his clueless-ness in most of the tasks but they are editing him quite well.

Ricky - Ricky is my favourite because he's competent and seems like a good guy overall. However Lord Sugar doesn't seem to like him so unless he amazes him next week he'll probably not win.

Jade - I don't know about Jade anymore, I thought before this week she had shown no strengths but this week she's obviously been portrayed in a good light.

It's really difficult to predict who will win, I find this year to be pretty week in general. I think at the moment Adam and Nick look the more likely to win.

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