Friday, 18 May 2012

Gloves Come Off

Gloves Come off is the first series of 2012 that I have watched from start to finish so I wanted to post a few words about it.

I think Gloves Come off is the most annoying series I've watched in a while it started off so good but it collapsed into the usual TVB melodrama after the 15th episode. I think TVB tried to make this into a bigger drama than it needs to be adding all the silly nonsensical drama. I'm so disappointed with TVB this series could have been so good, a contender for the best series this year. I think TVB's series this year have been pretty ok, on an upward trend. However the last two episodes did bring it back a bit to what I had initially loved about the series.

Vicky's character was one of the first things that saw the downfall of this drama. There was no reason for her existence in this drama she just created more stupid drama however her demise made me pity her.

The way that characters changed had no development or precursor. Power just suddenly became this good for nothing prat, a little back story would have been nice. Edwin's change might have had reason but was totally unnecessary and overdramatic. I don't understand why they wrote in so many awful characters e.g. Power and Katy and Raymond, Edwin and Florence for a few episodes as well as that evil rich man. How and why does Katy suddenly become this good girl? TVB just makes everything so convenient, it's always drama up until the finale and then everything happens to tie up at the end, however Power's transition back into someone with some morals was a quite well written I thought.

I think Natalie Tong was my favourite character and whilst her death was unnecessary it was sweet how they treated the aftermath.  Nancy however was probably the best actor/actress in the whole series for me. What Gloves Come Off did well was pull at our heartstrings, all three couple pairings were distinct which made it easy to like all three but I just wish it all had more involvement with Muay Thai. The way they wrote all the love relationships were pretty good but Gloves Come Off tried to be something it was not meant to be, there were moments near the last few episodes which kind of reprieved the earlier nonsensical madness but nothing could really make up for what they tried to do.

Gloves Come Off will leave a love-hate relationship for me I think it was TVB trying to be fresh but still holding onto some very annoying TVB traits. If TVB still had the Best Couple awards I think all three pairings would be a good nominee but as individuals I'd only support Nancy Wu for Best Supporting Actress and maybe Selena and Natalie for a Top 15 nomination in the Best Actress category.

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