Friday, 18 May 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 9

So Jenna is out, not too surprising actually for her track record but in the boardroom it did look like Stephen.

I'm starting to hate Stephen, he has got to be one of the most despicable Apprentice characters ever on TVB and that's a very strong word for a TV personality. I hate the way how he tries to drag people into the boardroom over him such as with Gabrielle,  how he tries to say "you're sitting there very quietly" etc etc. He's so annoying!

My favourite is still Gabrielle followed by Ricky then maybe Tom.

Nick: 90%
Tom: 85%
Adam: 85%
Ricky: 70%
Gabrielle: 50%
Stephen: 40% 
Jade: 30%

I think Nick is now the outright favourite, he hasn't been shown in a negative light at all.
Despite Tom's win the series is editing him with more flaws than before.
People are starting to like Adam and I think Lord Sugar sees a lot in him.
I think Ricky is a decent candidate but he has two PM losses and Lord Sugar thinks he has a defeatist attitude which is surely not good if you're going into business.
Gabrielle is starting to look more and more likely as a Top 5 candidate, it would be amazing to see her get there, she has always been an underdog.
I think Stephen's last chance will be next week.
I think Jade is on her last thread, if she's on the losing team next week she'll probably be sent home.

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