Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Apprentice UK Series 8 Episode 8

The time was up for Laura, she was on Lord Sugar's books and with another unimpressive performance she was booted out.

We were reminded on You're Fired that Laura is a good salesperson, regularly among the Top 3, but this is no longer orientated on sales and since Laura didn't provide any other strong reason to stay the failure of what she is supposedly strongest at meant she had to go.

I think Pure Evil was definitely the best choice, love the artists name! I think Tom was so excited that he could showcase his knowledge about the field he forgot that the task was mainly to endear yourself towards the artist. Yes knowledge is great but you also need to be enthusiastic about the work. Nathan Bowen was the best choice for the corporate client out of the five and with a good sales pitch could have won them over whilst Copyright was a good choice for Renault. Though besides a few of his works on show I wasn't keen on Copyright's work. Does anyone feel that it was a bit unfair that the budgets for the corporate clients were different.

I think the Jessop works were the best of what Phoenix had left, SPQR would have been a great talking point but whether they would sell well is another question. It was either play it safe or gamble and I think Tom's decision was not wrong it's just that it didn't work out on the night.

My opinion on the 8 have definitely changed since last week so here's my updated view on who will be the Top 5.

Tom: 90%
Nick: 90%
Adam: 85%
Ricky: 75%
Stephen: 45%
Gabrielle: 45%
Jenna: 35%
Jade: 30%

Tom might have been hit but I think he's a strong enough contender to stay until the Top 5. Unless of course he fails to deliver in next weeks task which should be up his alley.
With Nick's continued success it's hard to doubt his Top 5 position.
I still don't like Adam but Lord Sugar obviously does. Lord Sugar sees a lot of himself in Adam I think so he might not win but will definitely stay longer than what I initially expected.
Ricky stays within good chances because he's undoubtedly shown strengths
Stephen is now the weakest male of the five I think, I wouldn't be surprised if he's the next guy to leave.
I highly doubt there would be no females in the final 5 and out of the 3 left Gabrielle has shown more potential than the others. What is problematic is despite showing enthusiasm and creativity she often manages a major fall as well, it's like two steps forward and then one big step back for her.
I think I talked up Jenna's beauty business, she has yet to been heavily featured, even when she was PM, so she's probably leaving soon.
More and more questions are propping up for Jade and she has yet to really prove her worth, if she finds herself in the boardroom any more she'll have a lot to speak up for.

So I think there's a clear scramble between the girls and Stephen for a place in the Top 5 atm. Yet again there are no favourites to win atm until we see the final proposals I think so until the final few are set it's going to be interesting seeing who gets fired.

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