Friday, 18 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing

First Night, First Show and here is my thoughts!

Lilia seems to have put on some weight, agree? Or Maybe it's because there are a bunch of new girls making her look big :O.

I like Alesha but it's so obvious that it's an attempt to draw the young audience in - the show with Arlene felt homely/cozy, the show with Alesha feels like they are trying to be more international - X Factor-esque.

I thought Ricky would be more lad-ish but in fact he's a true gentlemen - didn't know who he was so I was quite shocked by that. Chris looked adorable in his suit. Jade's disappointed look may not get her votes e.g. Gabby Logan. Lynda does not look 61, in my opinion anyway. Ali shocked me, she's definitely moving up my list! Lynda & Darren and Erin & Ricky will have to watch out as I think these two pairs may get the lowest scores including the viewers vote - just speculation.

Best of the Night: Ali & Brian (by far!). Her waltz was elegant, smooth and beautiful, she hid her hiccups well, it was a great first dance.

Worst of the Night: Joe & Kristina (by far!). Sadly Joe was boring and systematic. Kristina didn't help as she chose a monotonous piece of music making it feel repetitive. It was painful to hear the audience's phony clapping!

Overrated: I loved Chris and Ola but I didn't think they were the 2nd best of the night. I thought they did awesome but 26 is a bit high I thought.

Underrated: Lynda and Darren were good I thought. Lynda was a bit pedestrian but I thought she did well considering all the factors (you get what I mean). It was a lovely performance which deserved better than a 3 from Craig.

One to watch out for: This award goes to Ricky and Natalie (NOTE: not Ricky and Erin), I thought Ricky performed fantastically in the Group Mambo so I'm extremely excited for this gorgeous pair.

So with the first show done here is my commentary on the 8 competitors of this week...
Rav - Great guy and likable but sadly he has a long way to go, especially with his bulky frame. I hope he improves as I really do like him but at the moment I don't see him making the Top 8.

Ricky G. - Sadly he looks like an early leaver, poor Erin! He's a nice bloke but ultimately will not get enough votes with bigger vote getters like Rav and Joe behind him.

Chris - I really like Chris, love him on BBC Breakfast. He really did shock me but it's sad to say I think it's going to be a one off.

Jade - Athletes normally do well, her biggest problem is her elegance but I'm sure she'll get over that with a few more weeks. I don't think she'll be a strong vote getter so she'll need to stick with good dancing to save her butt.

Martina - I don't like Martina but I thought she did well tonight, a second for my Underrated award. She'll not be a popular vote getter I don't think so a middlish leave I expect.

Lynda - She's a very nice woman and I'd love to see her more but I don't think she'll last long as she will never get a high enough score by the judges.

Ali - I didn't have high hopes for her but she amazed me, she's definitely a one to watch for tomorrow I'd say - she has quickly jumped into my favourites.

Joe - He's a bit cool and not a great dancer but he'll obviously have his fans. If he doesn't improve I can quickly see him moving into my - VOTE HIM OFF category.

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