Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Catfights and .... more catfights

I love the current mini wizz around Keisha Buchanan's departure (/sacking) from Sugababes. It does strike me how stupid it is that no founding members are in the current line up! What's even more intriguing is that supposedly Keisha was sacked in favour of Amelle Berrabah (love the exotic names!), because supposedly Amelle now has more added value because she recorded a hit with Tinchy Stryder. Though it feels weird without Mutya or Keisha I'm still not 100% alienated from the Sugababes since Heidi Range is still part of the lineup, she has been in the group long enough for me to recognize her as a main stay. When Heidi leaves the group then they will definitely have lost it. In all honesty when Mutya left it felt like the beginning of a spiral downwards, though they produced some good songs e.g. Denial and About You Now it was obvious that they were losing steam. Though I never loved Mutya she was iconic to the group and with her gone it was obvious that the group would never feel the same. Now that Keisha's left I think it will be too big a blow for the "Sugababes" to handle, maybe Jade will bring a spark to their new album - a good media spinner in order to get more press attention unlike Catfights and Spotlights but without Keisha the group doesn't feel as gritty, it feels (and looks) more like a candyflossed girl group. I'll probably continue to follow the Sugababes with the occasional praise of their new singles but I believe I'm correct in saying that they'll never be as good as they use to be.

Maybe the Sugababes should start making this a routine! Considering that Siobhan left in 2001, Mutya in 2005 and now Keisha in 2009 maybe, if they last that long, Heidi should leave in 2013, Amelle leave in 2017 and then Jade Ewen (the new girl) leave in 2021! They can be the British Morning Musume. I've been a quiet fan of the Sugababes for a quite a while now and it's sad to see that Girls Aloud has truly overtaken them in popularity and press attention. At least it's still true in saying that the Sugababes have sold more than Girls Aloud and Girls Aloud are riding a wave of success and attention whilst the Sugababes had theirs a few years back. I'm also bitter about Girls Aloud winning so many awards with The Promise e.g. the Brit Awards and rubbing salt in the injury is their Top 10 nomination as the best pop act on some music tv, trivial but still aggravating. Believe it or not I actually like Girls Aloud but for them to surpass the Sugababes is honestly an outcry in my opinion. This belief comes from my opinion that I haven't heard a single by Girls Aloud that I've really liked since Chemistry (and in that album I only liked about 1 song!)

Anyway back to the Sugababes, I'm actually quite interested in what the new sound of Jade Ewen will bring to the Sugababes. I like Jade as I think she's a decent performer matched with the hate it or mildly like it song of It's My Time by Andrew Lloyd Webber, in all honestly It's My Time was an average track and quite irritating after a couple of listens as it lacks the power and drama to push it into superstardom but yet it doesn't have a good enough tune to be placed on radio or TV. However Jade performed it well and deserved to do relatively well on Eurovision. But hopefully Jade's solo career and career with the Sugababes will bring a much fresher Jade to the table.

On a sidenote I just wanted to talk about the Jae Bum (2PM) incident. It's another interesting piece of news in my opinion. From being hated by the Korean public to being pleaded to come back to Korea - make your mind up! The news is that Jae Bum, the leader of the group 2PM; who have become pop superstars due to their recent singles, posted a rude message about Korea and Koreans on his Myspace a few years back (when he was training to be a member of 2PM - don't understand why he was training to be in a boy band? well that'll be for another post about Kpop!) This caused a major uproar in Korea to boycott 2PM and demand Jae Bum be sent out of the country. Jae Bum reacted by leaving Korea, a few days later, returning to Seattle - his hometown. Since that occured fans have been pleading for him to come back to Korea and 2PM, as it had been stated that Jae Bum would no longer be part of 2PM.

Well my opinion is... so what! So what if Jae Bum was unhappy with his training days, so what if he left for Seattle, so what if he won't be part of 2PM anymore! In my opinion it was stupid that Korea felt so abused by Jae Bum's post at first anyway. Think about it, he was a young kid away from home being trained until he died (we all know the Kpop industry!) and missing American life, on top of that Jae Bum looked and probably was a mini rebel with an attitude - well that was what he was marketed to be anyway, it's quite obvious that he'd have hated his early days. What's even more annoying is that people are pleading for him to come back with protests and stuff - well you've done the damage, stop trying to reconcile what's been done, if you didn't want this to happen you shouldn't have caused an uproar in the first place and supposedly these protestors will boycott 2PM until Jae Bum returns - isn't that doing even more damage to the group you supposedly love! Though I'm not a uber fan of 2PM's music I do like the group and their personalities so it'd be an awful shame if they had to disband for something like this. My favourite is Taecyeon because he's funny, dorky and Korean American - I love it when I know I can communicate with them! Then is Junsu because he's good looking then Junho because he looks like Rain! Then Nichkhun because he's adorable and then maybe I would have out Jae Bum at 5th. Whilst sadly Chansung and Wooyoung feel like forgettable spare parts to me!

Finally, as I'm in the mood for catfights! I wanted to talk about the Kanye West debacle. What Kanye West did was uncalled for, it was Taylor's moment so he shouldn't have butt his mouth in - if he wanted to express his opinion at least wait for Taylor to finish or say it after the show. But what was nearly as shocking was yet again the press attention it received. Why did the countless number of celebrities give their take on it? This should have been a problem between Kanye West and Taylor Swift and maybe Beyonce at most. Let Kanye West apologize and leave it at that as it was obvious that Kanye West would apologize no matter what after the show.

Oh, whilst I forget - you haters stop hating on Miss Universe 2009. Stefania is beautiful, intelligent and charismatic stop making her feel worthless and below that of other people. Voice your disapproval with respect to the person and stop bitching about her as if you didn't like the result it is the judges and the MUO you should be hating on not poor Stefania who is by no means a lesser compared to Dayana Mendoza.

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