Thursday, 24 September 2009

ANTM 13 Episode 4

Oops, didn't realise that I didn't post about the previous episode. Anyway I'll talk about Episode 4.

I don't like this cycles intro because all the girls look plain but funnily enough I think that this cycle has one of the strongest casts. Lulu and Ashley are now being edited to be the "bitches" of this house. Go Nicole for shutting both of them up! Brittany's probably going to do badly since she's featured much more in this episode (which turned out to be true). This idea was also shoved down our throats courtesy of Miss Lulu. What was the point of Diva doing her 30 second thing? They invite celebrities but they barely use them! That sounded wrong!

I loved it when Sundai said to Bianca that Courtney spoke behind her back. Bianca looked crazy in those 10 seconds! It's a shame that Bianca has more walls up now because I know she can be a nice girl, at least it seems as if she's formed a mini friendship with Nicole. I knew Courtney had an inner bitch in her anyway. Oh no, I wanted Lulu to stay for longer - I haven't seen enough of her.

I actually think this episode made me like Bianca again. She's not my favourite but I don't dislike her as much now. Ashley isn't nasty she's just bitchy lol! I kind of wish Courtney was still in as then Courtney would be assigned the bitch role. Nobody tried to hang from the bars with their legs up in the air, but that would have been a disaster! I loved the set though, there was so much to work with.

Why did Tyra say us and we when she was talking about being short? In my opinion Sundai is giving us the same face in every photo, the slight pout and to the side face. Rae on the other hand is just dissapearing, she's not shown at all nor is she performing that well in the photos - I'm expecting her to go soon. Whilst Lulu is one of the prettiest there and has one of the best walks in the bunch imo but sadly she hasn't performed well.

Call Outs

Now listing my favourites
On TOP: Nicole and Jennifer
Bubbling Up: Erin, Brittany
Ladies in Waiting: Kara, Sundai, Ashley, Lulu
Erm... :Rae
Girls I Like But Sadly At the Bottom of the Bunch: Bianca, Laura

Nicole - Still my joint favourite because she's real, pretty, a good model, unwittingly funny, friendly and intelligent!

Jennifer - My other joint favourite because she's ASIAN! lol, not only that actually! She's also funny, friendly, cute, unafraid to speak up and energetic.

Brittany - She's third in my rankings because she's quirky, intelligent, funny and underneath all that she's a damn sex kitten! jk.

Erin - She has jumped up the rankings quite a lot because I'm beginning to see a very modellesque girl, her blonde eyebrows make her different and stand out. I'm not too sure about her personality yet but she has performed well in general.

Kara - I so see her modelling potential but I don't know her personality, she may be in the band of Lulu and Ashley idk but I'll have to wait and see as I don't think she's going anywhere yet.

Sundai - I love her personality but she's an average model. Her photos are also annoying me a bit.

Ashley - Her bitchy side came out to us this week (and I thought she was a sweet ballet dancer!)

Lulu - I had high hopes for her but she let me down.

Rae - I'm just not too interested in her at the moment. Her appeal is dwindling.

Laura - I'm beginning to like her more but she's still a bit behind the other girls in my rankings.

Bianca - I like her more now but she has made a bad name of herself in the past two episodes so she has a mountain to climb.

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