Friday, 11 September 2009

ANTM 13 Premiere Part 2

Why does Mr. Jay always look flawless? How many products does he use? He glows for god's sake!
So we didn't get an explanation to why God loving Amber decided to quit!

Wow Brittany looks even better with the dark hair! She looks sexier.
Erin looked mad! I'll need some getting use to her platinum blonde.
Rachel looks better with her dark hair.
Jennifer is more striking now rather than cute.
Lisa's hair isn't really better, I like her long hair more.
I think Sundai's hair works better on a taller girl.
Courtney is definitely edgier now, which is good - if it weren't for the crutches before she'd be forgettable.
Lulu looks interesting but I don't know whether I like her hair more now or before, it's definitely a good interesting though.
Bianca really did lose her confidence after her eyebrows vanished!
Nicole is definitely more modelesque now.
I think Rae should have gone dark black actually - it would really emphasize her eyes.
Laura definitely looks better now.
WOW Kara looks so interesting - she looks pageanty though.
I love Ashley's weave.

Bianca really did annoy me this episode with her constant annoyed energy. It was also dissapointing to see people misunderstanding Nicole, just because she's quiet doesn't mean she doesn't know what to do. Bianca was also plain rude when she said she thinks something's wrong with Nicole.

Does anyone think that Ashley looks taller than 5'6 when she walks?

I LOVE CHANEL IMAN (I'm going to make a tribute post of her next!) She's so sweet but fierce, I can't believe she actually went on ANTM though. But why put her as guest judge when you don't even show her speaking half the time - isn't that a waste of a perfectly fantastic guest judge? Finally Tyra looks fresh rather than draggy - throughout the whole of Cycle 12 she looked so icky.

Personally I thought Erin looked a bit too washed out with the platinum blonde and why does Laura always look like she's about to cry when Tyra doesn't call her out early.

Ashley - It looks OK but I'm not crazy over it. You can barely see her face in the shot and there's just something fundamental missing; I think it's the meaning, the shot doesn't evoke any emotion it just doesn't convey anything to me. It's just a pretty photo.

Bianca - She looks like an alien walking out of some ET film! Her face looks a bit lost and distant. The shot looks awkward, though it wasn't awkward enough to be edgy. Her pose needed to be more angular. Like Ashley's photo it doesn't convey anything to me.

Brittany - This looks like an ASBO advert or something. She's just sitting on a bench with one leg up, looking pretty and holding some candy. It's not sexy, illusive, fun... it's nothing, no emotion!!!!

Courtney - As Chanel said this is an artistic piece, but where does the significance come into this? I like it though, it's quite enchanting but it doesn't really evoke an emotion, it's a beautiful shot but it's too artistic not modelesque.

Erin - This looks like a cheap movie poster of Marie Antoinette or something along those lines. Her pose is boring but her face is absolutely striking but as Mr. Jay said "she lucked into this".

Jennifer - It's quite a cinematic shot but I'm confused with it. The stretch lacks tension to give it some sazz, it's also too ghost out of water (e.g. drowning) to look ephereal. I think she looks OK but it's kind of awkward looking.

Kara - Her features are way too emphasized in this shot, it's quite interesting but a different angle would have suited her facial features better.

Laura - It looks like a screen-grab from an early Britney MV. I think it's a nice photo but she does look like she's in the middle of singing a pop tune or something.

Lisa - There must be a children's horror film with a clow in it that looks somewhat like Lisa! Grr....

Lulu - She looks long and lean and captures a childlike essence well. It's a nice photo - despite the weak props. Her missing arm doesn't detract from the photo that much either.

Nicole - I really like this photo. It doesn't look as good as on video but it's definitely good. She really did well with such lame props. I adore the angles she's producing though a stronger looking face would have been divine.

Rachel - Bag in mid air? What's the relevance of this? It just feels and looks weird and purposeless; how can you say this was inspired from any baby photo?

Rae - I like the broken down thing but I think the legs could have been more elegant and the look could have been less dead fish, the eyes just don't sparkle - nobody has those sparkling eyes this cycle.

Sundai - I actually like this shot, compared to the other shots it has a meaning - the good girl grows up! I don't think it's that bad a shot but the judges critique was harsh.

Favourites after 2 Episodes!
Jennifer, Lulu
Brittany, Rae, Sundai
Ashley, Erin
Bianca, Courtney, Kara
Laura, Lisa, Rachel

Nicole - My favourites are rarely the really quirky ones but Nicole hits a spot with me. She's photogenic and knows what she is doing, she has a quiet confidence that is misunderstood.

Jennifer - Can you believe it! The asian is not my No.1 favourite! Well she's very close behind Nicole anyway.

Lulu - She's technically third but I'm putting her into the same line as Jennifer. I like her and her photos but I need to see more of her personality.

Brittany - She's still breathtaking to me but she's missing something atm.

Rae - She's gorgeous and has a great heart but I need to see some more.

Sundai - Bubbly and bustling with energy, a little downer this week though.

Ashley - Need to see more of her

Erin - She's still pretty but I think the platinum blonde has washed her out a bit, but it's definitely a change for the better, photo wise.

Bianca - The annoying attitude is putting me off her.

Courtney - Need to see more of her.

Kara - I like her but I've see very little of her.

The bottom 2 aren't girls I dislike, I just need more time to see them (of course Lisa doesn't have that luxury anymore whilst from speculations I've read nor does Rachel!)

Laura - She seems to be on the verge of tears everytime she's being called out - it's OK but a tad annoying. I still need to get use to her looks as well.

Lisa - I liked her but I saw barely 2 minutes worth of her footage.

Rachel - Sadly the Bambi eyes still haven't sunken in yet.

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