Friday, 11 September 2009

ANTM 13 Premiere

ANTM is back! and my ANTM fanatic self would like to post some comments on the latest bunch of wannabes.

Firstly where did Tyra get the inspiration of Le Cycle 13?!?!?! It's so tacky, well at least they didn't go into Space Age (Cycle 11) or Sparta (Cycle 12) - oh god those were bad! I guess Tyra's toned down but it's still blah...

In this cycle I thought there were a few interesting girls - not the emotional stories Tyra tried to induce us with like Isis and Thalia - who was overrated and then dumped when she had no media value anymore. Amber was extremely weird, she was the London that never came. London was a cool girl but honestly we were hoping to see some catfights regarding her religious devotion. But I have to say I like most of the girls this cycle. I love Jennifer because she's ASIAN! But sadly her posing seemed to be weak. I really like(d) Bianca's personality (I emphasize on the past tense). I thought she was a strong independent women but of course she had other undesirable traits. I think Brittany's gorgeous. Sundai is soooo bubbly and her past makes her really shine. Here's a better description of Amber (in my opinion anyway), she's London merged with Allison but with a crazy personality.

I'm not too keen on Kara's facial features but I know she'll photograph well. Laura on the other hand was so not how I expected her to be, I expected her to be a quiet southern country girl! Rachel's eyes are sooooooooooo large! There were also a few girls who I'd have liked to see more of e.g. Ciara, she was really pretty and outgoing. The latino girl that was elimiated before the Top 20 also looked good - I think she had big earrings. If Courtney's foot doesn't heal before Episode 3 I'm going to disagree with her inclusion into the Top 14 simply because it'd be unfair for her or the other girls that she wouldn't be doing her actual catwalk.

Nicole's reaction to getting into the Top 14 was priceless!

So after 1 episode I ranked the girls into favourites

Nicole, Jennifer, Brittany, Bianca, Sundai
Rae, Lulu, Ashley
Erin, Kara
Courntey, Lisa

Nicole - She is gorgeous and photogenic and I love her quirks.
Jennifer - She's ASIAN! and she's great besides that.
Brittany - I think she's stunning and it's good to be somewhat quirky.
Bianca - She's strong and independent.
Sundai - She's so bubbly and cute.

Rae - A mum who has been through so much is commendable, she's also pretty.
Lulu - She went into the second group (rather than the first) by a whisker. I think she's FIERCE but there's something holding me abck.
Ashley - Need to see more of her, but I like her.

Erin - She is stunning, the only reason why she didn't make it higher was because she swore. I thought she was a sweet and quiet girl but that made me think again, I don't mind her swearing I'm just worried she's fake.
Kara - I need to see more of her.

Courtney - I like her determination but it's almost as if I dislike her because of her crutches!
Lisa - She was barely featured in the first episode so don't know much about her.

Laura - I like her but I need to get use to her look and unexpected personality.

Rachel - I can't get over her Bambi eyes, the may be different but at the moment they're to the point of fraking me out.

If only she was there: Ciara and latino girl with earrings. Why wasn't Ciara chosen over Lisa (when Amber mysteriously left). I like Lisa but I like Ciara more!

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