Saturday, 19 September 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Week 1 Dance 2

Well one couple left tonight and to be honest I wasn't expecting it.

Best of the Night: I'm actually not giving this honour to the highest scoring couple, I'm going to give it to Ricky and Erin, purely for the comedy factor. Ricky made me laugh throughout the whole performance and that's why he deserves this honour. I'd have given the best to Ali or Chris but they weren't good enough yet.

Worst of the Night: It's a bit nasty to give this to Joe but he was the worst of the night. He was overthinking everything and uber tense, he was not fluid and just felt like a spare part.

Overrated: Nobody was overrated tonight I thought but Chris & Ola and Ali & Brian's scores had the most variation to my own simply because I'm a tight marker but yet I'm not tough e.g. I rarely score couples really low.

Underrated: Though I gave this couple the same score as the judges and personally I dislike her I'm giving it to Martina & Matthew, I think she's actually Ok but the judges (Bruno and Len) don't seem to agree especially considering she was voted off this week.

One to Watch Out For: As I don't know who to give this to I'm giving it to Martina and Matthew, in the sense of; watch out for any hissy fits from Martina that she was voted out first!

Overall I was quite shocked that Martina left as although I like Rav he is weaker than Martina so I was shocked he was saved. Did anyone see Martina's face when Ricky came in - everyone was smiling but she looked pissed! lol.

Rav - Sadly his bulky frame isn't going to do him any favours so I see a departure in the coming weeks.

Ricky - He may have pulled it off this week but he can't always pull off the fun factor, he'll ultimately lose out before the Top 8.

Chris - A dark horse of this series, I'm expecting about a 6th place finish.

Jade - She's obviously going to be in the upper half of most weeks but when the competition starts thinning she'll be finding it difficult to pull in the votes.

Lynda - I love her but it's obvious she'll go in the coming weeks.

Ali - Currently the favourite, but remember Cherie Lunghi and Lisa Snowdon? Cherie was the favourite at the start but then withered whilst Lisa failed at the start but built up momentum with the judges. However I think Ali is prime to make it at least to the quarterfinals.

Joe - There will be a point when even his die hard fans will not support him!

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