Saturday, 19 September 2009

God Save my Brother!

We were just talking about the nutrient cycle and my brother said something like don't we have to purchase from other countries to restore our nutrients cycle. I said: Well surely buying goods from other countries will destroy our ecosystem through transportation of goods. He said: Yeah..., but we are buying information to help our ecosystem so we buy to restore. Me: Erm yeah... - GET TO THE POINT! Brother: We sometimes aid to restore and we purchase to recover our ecosystem - this is simple you should understand what I'm saying blah blah blah....

Now forgive my low IQ for not understanding him, as supposedly even a 2 year old understands what he is rubbishing about, but honestly he really needs to get his facts and arguments right as he begins to make things up when he realises he's said something stupid or wrong, if I state that to him he gets angry and will rip my head off. It's annoying talking to him sometimes as he thinks he knows it all.

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