Thursday, 13 May 2010

ANTM 14 is...

Krista - I said this ages ago about Top 8-7, nobody believed me then. Whilst I didn't expect the 4 consecutive top call outs I knew she was going to get a huge bias from the judges. I'm slightly disappointed. I do think Krista developed to be a very good model towards the latter half of the show but the praise she received was way over the top and made liking her incredibly difficult. I really don't see her becoming internationally successful, she could possibly prove us wrong by being a semi-successful model but international success is way too far-fetched.

I may be a Raina fan but I do think Raina outperformed Krista in the finale. For the photo shoot Krista's video looked really good - based on video I think they would have been neck on neck but the final outcome was a totally different story. Raina's fitted Covergirl much better and on the whole was a much better photograph, I would have liked to see her smile a bit more but it was still a gorgeous shot. On the other hand Krista looked dead in her shot, there was no life in her eyes and she looked a bit busted to me. I also think Raina outperformed Krista in the commercial. Firstly Krista forgot her lines - I don't think that's acceptable if the shoot originally didn't provide queue cards. She also looked a bit old in my opinion for Covergirl's style whilst Raina's needed a bit more vibrancy. It was weird that Ann Shoket didn't feature in this episode - what a relief :)

On the runway I'm slightly split. Krista's walk was definitely better but a bit over dramatic and slightly cheesy, personally I think they made her look incredibly weird with her bob as she looked like a teen from the 60s or something. Raina on the other hand oozed personality but her walk does need improving. I think Raina suited this runway better but I have to agree that Krista has more appeal on the runway for different types of shows.

Overall I think this cycle has been a disappointment not because Krista won, that's only one thing, but because of many different reasons such as the girls not living up to their potential, the exclusion of some girls with a lot of potential. What Cycle 15 needs to do is bring us another Nicole (cycle 13) with a much fiercer walk (Nicole has a good but safe walk) and a portfolio that will not divide viewers but make everyone think she is definitely the best. Inclusion of more runway such as the New York street stint the girls did this cycle (not the drag queen thing) and working closer with actual products and designers.

Anyway after judging the girls portfolio week by week my Top 6 (based on average scores) would be Raina, Alasia, Simone, Alexandra, Krista and Jessica. Tatianna was just outside this group because whilst she had huge potential and some very nice shots she failed to deliver consistently in my opinion. I'd also put Ren in that category whilst Brenda had a lot of potential but just didn't find her niche.

Next post... favourite and least favourite photos this cycle!

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