Saturday, 15 May 2010

Miss USA 2010

I have my Final 15 down. Before any Miss USA expert freaks out at my Top 15 I do have to agree that my Top 15 is rather different to a lot I've seen but having looked at all the photos, listened to their short introductory video and watched the prelims I think my decision is an informed one - the only thing I haven't done is trawled the Miss USA website for their every move!

So my Top 15 are...

Starting with... North Dakota!
I know she's a pretty unconventional choice but I like her. She was amongst a select batch I liked pre Miss USA 2010, whilst she hasn't really lived up to what I hoped for she still makes my Top 15.

Going to... Missouri
Another unconventional choice but I think Missouri has done well throughout this pageant, there are many decent shots of her and she did well in the prelims so here we go Missouri.

Flying of to... Tennessee
This one's more predictable, she's currently amongst the Top 10 on globalbeauties' favourites and I've seen her up and around some people's favourites lists and dark horses bunch etc. I personally think she's a well trained delegate who hasn't really done anything wrong but she lacks something to elevate her to the top for me.

Whizzing of to... Massachusetts
Her prelims disappointed me slightly, I thought she was going to be a huge stage presence but she just wasn't. I still like Massachusetts but I don't see her as a potential frontrunner anymore.

Going to... Virginia
It seems like Virginia is part of this years blonde crusade along with Oklahoma and Texas (I can tell you now only one of those two girls will make my Top 15 - guess who...). I like Virginia because of her bubbly sweet look but she somewhat disappointed me at the prelims.

Starting the top 10 is... New Mexico
New Mexico is an awkward one, I do find her looks to be a bit too harsh at times but her exotic looks make her different in such a blonde year. I think a decent prelim propelled her into my Top 10 whilst she previously did not feature.

Making the cut is... Wisconsin
From what I've read she's nowhere near getting into the Top 15 on a fan favourite basis. I don't know why she isn't garnering any attention as I think she looks gorgeous on video and candid shots. Her nose is a bit of a setback but it's not as pointed as Alaska's :p

Coming close is... New Jersey
She's definitely not been featured much and to be honest I didn't really notice her either but I found her prelims performance to be just fab; catapulting her into my Top 10. In fact she isn't all that bad either with a great body and a sweet look.

Climbing high is... South Carolina
South Carolina makes my cut because I like her look, her soft features make her different, she doesn't feel like the usual pageant girl to me even though her looks aren't necessarily uncommon she just resonates something different to me.

Just missing the Top 5 is... OKLAHOMA!
I've seen very few lists where she doesn't make the Top 5 but this is one of those lists where she sadly fails to break in. I just think she's slightly overrated. Yes she is a great contestant with sultry looks but I don't think she looks that gorgeous, pretty yes, one of the prettiest yes, but not out of this world pretty like some are pushing her up to be.

Starting the Top 5 is... Washington!
I don't think anybody besides me would put Washington above Oklahoma - and in fact Washington wins the best blonde category! Yes I said it, no more blondes in the Top 5. But I don't understand why she doesn't get any attention. She is very pretty and her height makes her stand out, yes like her sister she has a tendency to look a bit old but I think Washington looks amazing in most things I've seen her in.

Doing her state proud is... Florida!
For most of the pageant I had put Florida in my 16-25th category but after her prelims I couldn't deny her a spot, I just thought she performed exceptionally in the prelims and I have to say I think she looked the best out of all 51 girls in her Introductory interview section. Go Florida!

Third goes to... Nebraska
At first I didn't see the fuss but after seeing photos of her in Miss USA I knew she was going to be one of my favourites. She just looks sweet and fresh and has a killer smile. The only problem I saw was that she seemed a bit awkward on the runway and that may be her major downfall.

Just missing the Top is... Idaho
She is just the sweetest thing! She doesn't have the sassiness that normal Miss Universe's have but her sweet looks make up for that, she's not going to win the pageant but I hope she at least gets to the Top 10.

My winner is... KANSAS
You heard it my winner is Kansas, I don't understand why she isn't garnering any attention in the pageant because I think she's rarely done anything wrong. Last year my favourite was Arkansas - she made the Top 10 so will Kansas do the same? I think Kansas has the looks, the body, the style and the runway skills to make Miss USA 2010 a very interesting competition - so please let her in the Top 15 :)

Last year quite a few of my Top 15 made the actual cut, possibly one of my more successful pageants so will this year be the same? It'd be quite controversial though if my Top 15 made it, no California, no Texas - well we'll see.

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