Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Eurovision 2010 Semifinal 1

Ok, I've finished watching the first semifinal, I definitely have mixed feelings about the show. Out of the 10 that went through to the final I'm absolutely gob-smacked Russia made it through, only thing to explain this is preferential voting from the Eastern bloc because that song was horrendous. You have to understand Eurovision creates its own meaning of horrendous but when the song is neither acceptable or outrageously fun to watch it becomes a boring mess of weird vocals and that was Russia in a nutshell. I was also shocked that Bosnia and Herzegovina made it through considering their "rock" performance was utterly boring. I wasn't expecting Belarus to make it either; I have to be honest, I loved their MV but their live performance was just drone, their voices sounded off as well. These types of songs rarely make it past the semis so I wasn't expecting them to make it through. Basically I think this semifinal was the weaker one.

Moldova was acceptable but they weren't that interesting and I hated that saxophone. Here me out on Serbia, I'm not a fan but I wasn't at all disappointed that they made the final because at least there was something to laugh at and some parts of the song were actually slightly addictive, slightly! The crackly chorus with all the "Balkans" was annoying as hell but the rest of the song was in fact ok, to me anyway - btw he doesn't wear that hairstyle as well as G-Dragon.

The best of the night for me was Belgium, he wasn't the best performer but it was a sweet gem amongst all the craziness. He needs to work on his falsetto but besides that Tom did really well. I also loved Portugal, I don't understand how she's not even recognised as a decent contestant. Iceland, Albania and Greece were also predictable but decent finalists.

Malta's exclusion was slightly shocking but Iceland probably kicked her out with her crowd pleasing anthem. I thought Finland would make it as well. I actually liked their performance much more compared to their video on eurovision's website.

Overall I was utterly bored until Tom Dice performed, after that everything went uphill I'd say. I think the next semifinal will be more competitive - see you then :)


  1. I'm shocked Slovakia didn't make it...

    Malta was boring and over the top - pure kitsch. They didn't deserve to qualify.

    Russia and Belarus are lame. How did they qualify?

  2. I was slightly shocked about Slovakia too but I'm neither disappointed nor happy about their exclusion.

    Malta was boring but based on their previous performances with similar songs I thought she'd make it.