Thursday, 13 May 2010

Best and Worst of ANTM 14

I'm taking all photos out of context e.g. I don't care if they were supposed to sell something I'm just judging the photos based on how good they look a prime example is Krista's first Covergirl shot. As a Covergirl shot I think it's great but if we took the shot out of context I'm slightly less attracted to it.

8 girls made it into my Favourite 14 shots, who do you think they were?

Brenda's first shot gave me hope, something that Brenda never managed to deliver. Zoom into her face and you'll see a fabulous portrait shot, yes this photo is slightly marred by the out of proportion body (too big for her head) but as a photo it is intriguing and still represents Brenda as a potential model.

Not everybody will agree with me for this one but I really liked this shot, the hand doesn't bother me that much, it's weak but the face is strong enough to distract me. I think this shot (bar the hand) can really sell perfume and it truly put Alexandra as one of this cycles best face models - there weren't that many.

Yet again not all will agree with me on this one but this shot is aesthetically very pleasing to me, in fact I think the first set of photos were one of the best sets of photos in this cycle. The garment is used well, even I want to buy it, there's strength yet sensuality and the symmetrical pose enhances this photo aesthetically, the only problem I have is with the slightly dead eyes.

Yet another shot which divides. I like this shot of Raina because it's awkward but I can see a cheeky somewhat Charlie Chaplin style to it. The gangly arms and legs make the shot even more awkward but it's still very pretty and captivating.

I think what made this shot so appealing to me at first was the total turn around made by Alasia from a girl who was going to be one of the first few to go to a girl who had potential in making it far. I love the pose of this shot and how the clothing just rotates around her, the whole image is very well crafted, the only problem I have with it is Alasia's mouth but that's a small problem for such an engaging photo.

As a wide shot you don't see much of Raina but when you zoom in and focus on her face you see such a strong photo that nothing else matters. Whilst personally I'm not the biggest fan of this photo I still like it a lot because it shows how well Raina can work her face and this photo showed up the others' photos in this week imo.

I don't actually think this shot is very Covergirl, I think if she was looking slightly more towards camera it would have been, but there is nobody that can deny this is a good shot of Angelea. Her face is serene and soft, whilst she is still doing the bitch-please look she is giving it another dimension - lol.

I like this shot of Alasia as it is so pretty, whilst in a week where the photos weren't that pretty :) She manages to get some interesting angles going on in this shot and her hourglass figure is exquisite. The only problem, in fact it isn't really a problem, is that she's looking down. I actually think her looking down works but I would have liked to see her face towards the camera.

This Covergirl shot of Raina is tantalising! Whilst I think Raina can give better eye contact and a smilier smile I think this photo is good as it is. Compared to Krista's I do think this shot blows hers out of the window.

Alexandra produced this shot when everyone was questioning whether she deserved a Top 4 spot. Whilst one shot may not rest those who attacked her this shot is definitely one of the best this cycle. She managed to make a connection with the viewer and the camera, there's a vulnerability that makes this shot squeak - cut the crap ALT about her looking like somebody from Istanbul (ALT was complimenting her btw).

Krista's one and only Top 14 shot comes in at 4th - yep she's not having any more :)
This is definitely the best shot in Krista's portfolio because it was one of the few shots were everything worked for her. She couldn't be safe with such a mad costume and her body is definitely not safe, in fact it looks a bit distorted - but not enough to make us squirm. Her face is also powerful but not menacing or boring like many of her other shots. All in all this shot is a powerful and interesting photo which commands attention.

Originally I had Krista's hair shot above Alasia's but what made me change my mind was that Alasia managed to make a dress made of hair work - I would buy it! The face to me lacks a little oomph but it's regal and demanding coupled with that pose this shot just makes Alasia's whole portfolio one of the best this cycle.

Finally we have Ren. In Ren's short stay she managed to shoot 3 photos, 2 were disasters but this shot was exquisite and will stay in my heart for a long long long long time. Everything works here and she makes that weird hat look like the next big thing. Her face is just mesmerising and her eyes captivating beyond belief. It's amazing how good this shot is and how much potential Ren had to produce something truly spectacular but in the end you need to want it to get it.

You must have guessed it by now, I think very few would not put this shot amongst their favourites this cycle (only Raina haters and even they may have to make an exception). This shot is commanding, dazzling and just sexy! Personally I don't care about the wolf thing, Tyra is trying to put too many comments onto her show e.g. Glee, Twilight etc etc. This photo stands as one of my favourite photos ever and definitely the best photo of  Raina during the competition.  

I will hopefully complete this at a later date so watch this space ;)


  1. i love all of them and am still disappointed that Raina did not win but much love to all of them.

  2. Ren should have stayed longer. Her entire look was edgy and could produce a lot of high fashion pics. Such a pity that her performance on the shoots were affected by the 'drama' in the house :)

  3. Ren had a lot of potential but two of the three shots she took were awful, faced with those facts and Ren's personality I think they made the right decision to cut her. Whilst I love her first shot I think she may have lucked into it.