Friday, 28 May 2010

Eurovision 2010 Semifinal 2

Just finished watching (as I tape recorded it) was slightly shocked with one or two outcomes but all in all this was definitely on the whole a stronger semifinal with 12 acts I'd put in my Top 10, to make the final, easily.

However I'm disheartened and disappointed by the exclusion of Sweden. I love the song and I love Anna! What I liked about the performance was Anna's true happiness to be on stage, she wasn't the best vocal but the song and how she performed it just pulled it all together for me. I'm still in shock she didn't make it, I did say it was a tough semifinal but I still expected my favourite of the night to land a spot in the Top 10.

Like the 1st semifinal two acts stood out to me the most, these were Sweden, as previously mentioned, and Israel - Israel more because I thought he performed exceptionally rather than for the song. Others in my Top 12 were Croatia; I was shocked Feminem didn't make it, and Lithuania; I thought it wouldn't work but I liked it. So two shocks tonight, Sweden and to a lesser extent Croatia. Whilst I understand how Turkey got in I wasn't a fan simply because their lighting was enough to give me epileptic fits and it didn't stick in my mind at all. I'm Ok with them getting through but had I known that Sweden wouldn't make it I'd probably have thrown temper tantrums upon hearing their name - lol.

Not being harsh or anything but when Denmark got the last spot I truly hated the Danish entry for the slightest of moment. Whilst they were Ok I liked Sweden much more but I'm happy for Denmark now (even though I'd prefer Sweden!)

And WOOHOO to Jon Lilygreen - not a huge fan of the song but I'm a fan of Jon! BECAUSE HE'S WELSH! (I'm not Welsh but it just gives me something besides the UK entry to cheer for!) I was however pleasantly surprised that he made it through.

Whilst I love Niamh I didn't get that explosiveness I was expecting from the entry. It still made my Top 12 but I was expecting bigger things from this.

Azerbaijan, the favourite? I don't understand??? Basically if I was to truly pick my Top 10 from tonight I would have left her out - she made my Top 12 though. The entry is just overrated and the song is sadly too big for Safura to sing, if she wins I'll be disappointed because there are better entries this year than Azerbaijan's much touted international affair - for once I agree with Pete Waterman who gave us the horrendous "That Sounds Good To Me" how ironic.

Sorry about this rant but I'm still confused why Sweden has lost grace with European voters... and Sweden were considered a Top 10 for the final as well.

Anyway from the two semifinals my Top 5 are...

Belgium - A sweet gem amongst the horde
Portugal - Beautiful voice
Sweden - such a distinct performance, can't believe she's out
Israel - Great vocals
Romania - I love the song, could be sung better though.

Israel is my best chance of winning but he's only at 4th with the bookies :(

Don't understand why Azerbaijan, Germany and Armenia are the favourite 3? This is definitely not an all girl year.

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