Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Season of Fate

The Season of Fate like many series this year started off well but then just gradually lost the plot, I found the start to be rather interesting, a tad different and quite hilarious at points. Once it started to thicken the plot everything just began to dwindle and what made this series funny at first just looked a bit dumb by the end. Sometimes you don't need to watch things for a purpose, you just want a laugh, The Season of Fate was humorous but like all other TVB series they had to inject mysterious plot to the story making it all seem out of touch - mixing genres is what TVB loves to do but they rarely get it right. However despite that I think the acting was generally descent shame about the story.

Here are my nominations:

Best Actor
Roger Kwok

I'm not a Roger Kwok fan but I liked his portrayal here. I think he gave a mature but funny performance which captured different emotions well. I never really liked him as Ah Wong in Square Pegs nor did I like him as Jing Sir in D.I.E. it is in fact in one of his worst rated dramas where I think his best performance came.

Best Actress
Esther Kwan

I think Esther shouldn't do comedy, whilst she's a nice person and has a witty personality I just think she's more suited to mature drama performances. You can see how much more convincing her acting is when you compare her comedy acting to her serious acting, she's just much better at being angry or emotional. However she still put in a lovable performance

Michelle Yim

Her role as Yeuk Lam was so cute and believable, it's amazing how she managed to portray her character. Whilst I was sad when Yeuk Lam got her memory back Michelle arguably acted better in those parts but definitely the more lovable scenes were when Yeuk Lam was still a child.

Best Supporting Actor
Lawrence Ng

I think Lawrence did enough for me to nominate him, he was convincing in his portrayal it's just that his character was rather uninteresting and his "demise" equally so.

Best Supporting Actress
Mimi Lo

You don't get to appreciate how good an actress Mimi is until you see her portraying somebody none comedic. It's sad how she's just not famous, there are so many decent actors/actresses who just don't seem to be promoted or noticed by the public. Whilst her character was written very 1 dimensional I think Mimi portrayed that very well whilst still making us like her - if only for the slightest moment.

Best Couple
No Nominees

Most Improved Actor
Oscar Leung

I don't know if I'd say improved but he didn't do anything for me to dislike him so I guess that's improvement.

Most Improved Actress
No Nominee

Favourite Male Character
No Nominees

Favourite Female Character
Michelle Yim

The lovable Lam Lam.

Breakthrough Performance
Regen Cheung

For her debut on TV this was a good job, most TVB actresses would die to do as well as she did in her first role.

Best Chemistry
Esther Kwan and Michelle Yim

The "mother-daughter" scenes were just a joy to watch, there's nothing else to describe it besides an "awhhh...."


  1. Stumbled across this accidentally. :D

    You're right about the plot. I loved the chemistry between characters, but the story wasn't engaging enough to handle being stretched thin over 25 episodes. Nevertheless, I loved Esther in this and thought she portrayed the character very well.

    Michelle was so cute! Lam Lam was definitely my favourite character. Being a Michelle Yim fan putting bias on this fact here. XD I don't tihnk another actor could have pulled it off that way. :D

    And I very much agree with Regene Chung. She was adorable! And was rather good for a first-timer.

    And Best Chemistry - definitely Michelle and Esther. The beginning episodes were so sweet and then, later on, in episode 20 when Yeuk Lam yearns for her 'mother' was one of the best 'dramatic' episodes of what was essentially comedy. :)

  2. I'm also a huge Michelle Yim fan. I've been a fan since Mind Our Own Business, her role as Chu Chu was just brilliant.