Sunday, 30 May 2010

Eurovision 2010 Final

Well I've watched all the performances now and overall I'm slightly disappointed with the results.

Germany's win was predictable but not to my liking, I don't really understand why that song is such a hit with Europe, it's OK but I just don't find it anything special - I'd place her mid table in my rankings. The UK did give her 4 points though.

Turkey came 2nd which also predictable but I don't really like their song, it just bored me, there were definitely some good sections mostly the instrumental sections, the singing was just bland to me.

Romania was a shock third which was nice. So happy that Azerbaijan didn't make it further, still a bit disappointed it made 5th but oh well, as long as it didn't win. Belgium was sadly pipped to a Top 5 place, he should have made it, can't believe the UK didn't vote for him, nor did they vote for Cyprus which was shocking to me anyway (Iceland as well, considering Graham Norton kept on saying how we loved Iceland).

Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine and Denmark also made the Top 10. So disappointed with Europe that Russia made 11th, just total sucking up from the Eastern European countries. Only Portugal, out of Western Europe, voted for them and I was shocked that Turkey and Israel gave them good scores - I thought better of you two lol.

Israel should have placed higher, 14th is just too low for the best male vocal of the night. Portugal as well, I have been a fan of the Portuguese acts for the past 3 years but they just keep on getting lower and lower scores.

Not shocked that Albania and Iceland were placed quite low because I think Eurovision is actually growing out of its previously rather camp shell. Eurovision likes divas but it's verging towards wanting sexy divas.

Though I am slightly shocked Ireland was so low and a bit sad as well - Cyprus as well. I thought Ireland did a better job than many above her, not necessarily one of the best of the night but not deserving of such a low place. And I'm also extremely sad for Josh Dubovie but his performance was definitely one of the worst of the night (I would however have placed Russia ten places below 25th!) We nearly escaped bottom place if not for the utterly shocking 12 points to Belarus from Georgia.

Overall this is how I grouped the Final 25 entries.

Top 5: Belgium, Israel, France, Romania, Portugal
Top 10: Ireland, Greece, Ukraine, Iceland, Denmark
Top 15: Cyprus, Armenia, Germany, Norway, Georgia
Top 20: Albania, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova
Worst: Belarus, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UK, Russia

Also now that I've seen the semifinal scores I'm happy that at least Sweden just missed the spot, Lithuania and Croatia right behind her.

Switzerland came last in the 2nd semi - he was saying how he wouldn't be able to go back to Switzerland if her didn't get to the final - well you came last and only got 2 points so...

Ok final words
Underrated; Israel, Portugal, to some extent Cyprus and Sweden
Overrated; Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany
Over-scored; Russia! Azerbaijan, to a lesser extent Serbia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Underscored; Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Israel, to a lesser extent Iceland, France, Belgium

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