Saturday, 15 May 2010

Miss USA 2010 - outside picks

I recently posted my Top 15 but I think there are a few girls who I would easily have swapped into the Top 15 as well so here they are.

Bubbling Under
California - I think she's very sweet but she didn't hit me in the prelims tbh.
Colorado - I was one of the first few people who liked her, I still do but I thought her prelims was slightly disappointed, but after hearing a lot of praise I may have to rewatch and reconsider
Iowa - I like Iowa but she needs to stand out more.
Michigan - Her exotic charms could get her into the Top 15 but like New York last year it seems Miss USA isn't ready for that yet.
Mississippi - I like Mississippi a lot, she was originally a strong Top 15 favourite of mine but her pout did annoy me.

Longer Shots
Arizona - if she can tone down some of her moves then she's in with a shot
Arkansas - I think her runway skills are a bit tame, she'll need to work on that
Georgia - A good prelim performance, I kind of see a Kristen Dalton resemblance
Hawaii - She was just such a diva, her looks are a bit too strong but she's decent.
North Carolina - She's sweet but somewhat forgettable.
Pennsylvania - she's a bit too plastic but her stage skills are good
Rhode Island - another plastic but she can look good.
Texas - A bit overhyped but she's decent.

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