Thursday, 21 October 2010


It's finally Top 7 but I fear that this cycle has gone down the drain. All the promise and all the potential but in the end I still don't believe we have an international star that could win the show.

Ann is continuing to get praise from the judges, 5 FCOs and a bunch of "I can't believe she's that good" comments later I still don't believe she is ready for international stardom. This will create a lot of shock and resentment but I haven't ever placed Ann as my FCO yet! Shocking ain't it! Whilst I love Ann and believe she has been one of the best this cycle I just don't believe she has that god like status she is getting from the judges. Ann's callout is like no other - how is that possible? This week I thought her photo was poor but what happens? She gets third. I don't care if she doesn't have the personality what is important is I still don't see a supermodel in her - she is not bad but she is not ready for Vogue Italia, neither is anybody else for that matter.

I have similar concerns for Kayla. She is doing well in this competition and has already gained 2 FCOs from me but yet again I don't see international stardom in her. Her face doesn't relate well on camera, imo and she just doesn't look like a supermodel. She has the potential to win this competition and make a name out of herself but in the end all I'm going to remember her for is her red hair and her "I'm doing it for the lesbians" stance.

Chris is a beautiful girl who is growing in most peoples' books but it is obvious she is not working material for Vogue Italia. How many times has ALT voiced his concern for Chris? Once she steps a foot wrong Chris is gone - however I believe she is definitely headed for Top 4. I'm still not sure about Chris, whilst in the past 2 episodes she has placed high on my list I think it's more because of her personality in the photos than her actually potential.

Chelsey is very likeable. I finally find her interesting to watch. She does well in her shoots and has been a steady competitor but she can't work the makeup. I do see potential in her but if she continues to look like a man when donned with excessive amounts of make up she'll never be able to make it in Vogue Italia.

Liz, is she still in this competition? What Liz has is androgyny. Does she? She just looks terminally like a man to me! jk. No but androgynous looking girls are fazing out, that era is moving on. However when you look at the androgynous girls on the runway now nobody looks as masculine as Liz. Whilst androgyny does work Liz is too far into that to make her marketable.

Esther is beautiful and I see a potential redemption arc but she is just not Vogue Italia material, nor do I see her actually being able to work the model scene in general. She may get a few jobs here and there but I just don't see the potential. To me she hasn't performed on this show. She has one or two nice shots but that is not enough to put her in the Top 6.

Jane for me is the only girl with potential to make it big out of the Top 7. Whilst I don't think she can work for Vogue Italia or win this cycle I think she has the potential to make a good living out of modelling with the right choices and chances. She is slightly on the commercial side but I think she can do both. If there is anybody in this competition who has the potential to do well after this show it is Jane. However factor in the editorial in Vogue Italia and somebody here might just be able to make it in FW 2011.

Kendal is now GONE! boo. Whilst her performance on ANTM wasn't the strongest I still think she had enough potential to pull her into the Top 6. To be honest I found her photo this week to be beautiful, yes there was a lack of Vera Wang but did Ann, Jane or Esther look remotely like their designer? And did Liz, Kayla or Chris look like a model in this shoot? The answer is no! Many of the girls looked so out of place and many couldn't even stand out compared to their model. Kendal has potential. She could have made it on Vogue Italia. She could have international fame. But its going to be hard at 23 without ANTMs backing. She needs to get signed and fast or else she'll end up with all the other ANTMer who had potential but wasted it. Or you can be my girlfriend! lol.

Just a comment on the photos this week.
Ann - poor, lifeless, pose doesn't really work, eyes look scared. How does this even portray Alexander Wang? Alexander Wang personifies boyish, fun, cool and slightly edgy but Ann looks limp, bored and slightly scared in this shot. Where does she get all that praise from? I have championed many of Ann's early shots but the past 2 weeks are just undserving.

Chelsey - I love Chelsey's shot. She's regal, posh and working that style. But I have to agree with the judges there was that charm missing that Carolina Herrera has. She looks slightly snobbish as well which I think Carolina isn't. However this is, for me, the best shot this week.

Chris - whilst I love Chris and her personality I just don't see a potential model. I also think Chris has overdone it with this. I think Betsey would have been energetic but not in that way. Yes Betsey is all about fun but she also has that quirky side to her which Chris hasn't captured. And whilst I like this photo I can easily see this on the front cover of a Glades catalogue. If you don't know what Glades is it is a high street shopping centre in Kent e.g. Commercial.

Esther - Limp and lifeless is not what men do Ann and Esther! Nor would Christophe Decarnin ever do that. Esther is just too soft in this shot and truely doesn't know what to do.

Jane - when I first saw this picture I was excited because I had seen a glimpse of the model and I thought it was Jane, but no it was that fe-male standing besides that beautiful model that was Jane. Jane was totally overshadowed by her model in every way and she just doesn't look a single ounce like Marc Jacobs.

Kayla - I like Kayla but she looks like a hag here. End of.

Kendal - Whilst the photo looks a bit disconnected this is the only shot out of the bunch where I believe the model is a model (I mean the ANTMers) Kendal just looks stunning in this shot, simple is definitely in at this moment and whilst it may not have taken her long to get this it's simply a fantastic shot of her - I don't care if she doesn't look like Vera Wang! The simplicity makes it more Vera Wang than Esther dressing up as a man and trying to look like Decarnin.

Liz - Whilst Liz has that masculine touch in this photo she doesn't look like a model, and I also think she is overshadowed by her model who is creating all the drama in this photo. You don't focus on Liz at first, you focus on the model beside her. That is not the case for Chelsey or Kendal.

Anyway here would have been my perfect 6 (including eliminated girls)
Rhianna, Chelsey, Jane, Ann, Kendal, Kayla

For now in this competition Liz needs to go.

For now I think next week will be like this
Out next: Esther/Jane (bottom 2, one of them + Chris I think)

I'm rooting for Jane and Chelsey now!

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