Sunday, 31 October 2010

Miss International 2010

Personally I think this years pageant scene has been fantastic with MU, MW, MI and Miss Venezuela having some extraordinary delegates however the winners haven't lived up to the standard I think. Hopefully Miss International will not follow suit as I think Miss International has an extremely strong selection of girls this year.

I have compiled a list of favourites and a general list of girls I have taken a note of, 34 in total. My Top 12 at the moment are,

Japan - She is the perfect mix of cute, sophisticated, beautiful and charismatic.
Philippines - The frontrunner supposedly, but I think she won't win the crown and to be honest she is one of many frontrunners. Something about her nose irks me as well.
Puerto Rico - Her height, body and looks will take her far.
Venezuela - Elizabeth continues the line of beautiful girls from Miss Venezuela 2009.
Thailand -  She's a lovely girl who looks beautiful in all her shots.
Czech Republic - A gorgeous girl
India - Not the prettiest but she is still a classic beauty with a fun personality.
Costa Rica - beautiful
Germany - A hidden gem she'll stand out more if she shows more personality.
Greece - She still hasn't shone but she has the potential.
United Kingdom - Her look is distinct, she carries herself really well.
Canada - I love her, but at times I worry she's too similar to UK.

Then there are 11 girls in the next group
Sweden - She can be part of the Top 12 but I just forget about her at times.
Korea - Korea is beautiful, what she now needs to learn is she doesn't look her best with her hair swept off her face.
Jamaica - Potential stunner
USA - consistent beauty
Mexico - I love her national costume shots, sadly I haven't seen much else of her.
Brazil - I like Brazil but I think she's overrated atm, we'll see
Finland - She's also slightly overrated atm but we'll see
Kenya - I see potential - in the only shot I've seen of her in this pageant
Singapore - She looks cute and is one of the strongest candidates from Singapore ever I think. She just needs to know her angles.
Colombia - A nice girl
Poland - I like her but don't love her.

Then there are 11 more I'm keeping my eye on.
El Salvador, Ecuador, Italy, Guatemala, Turkey, Mongolia, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Australia and Chile

Hope my decisions will be finalised by next Friday but at the moment my Top 5 will probably be...
Japan, Philippines, Venezuela, Thailand, Czech Republic
The Asians have come out in force!

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