Saturday, 16 October 2010

Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love was overrated. Sorry to all its fans but some scenes were utterly cringe worthy. I find that most TVB series have tried too hardly to place lasting phrases and scenes in recent years such as all those stupid  games played - "Gong Chu Mui" I think it was - just utter rubbish, and then all the clapping scenes and sudden movements into verse - this was basically a mix of "In The Eye of the Beholder " with "A Bride For A Ride" but with an all-star cast. Sadly the performances weren't stellar and in the end this series just became a joke. There were some redeeming qualities in it but if you compare this series with most other TVB series shown this year you'll realise that there is nothing special about it.

Best Actor
Moses Chan

I struggled to nominate Moses as he overacted way too often and he looked a bit stiff as well but as I am struggling to compile a strong Best Actors list he's thrown in the mix. If he wins TV King with this it would take quite some time for me to him again, just like with Kevin Cheng.

Kenneth Ma

Sometimes you just didn't want to watch the atrocities of the Gam family so Kenneth Ma was the only other reasonable option - he didn't perform to badly at it either.

Best Actress
Charmaine Sheh

Like Moses I found it difficult to nominate Charmaine but unlike Linda I found just enough of her scenes which were worthy of a nomination.

Best Supporting Actress
Kara Hui

Evilness rejoice!

Susanna Kwan
I think Susanna performed the best out of everybody in this series. She showed real strength and determination in her character, many of her scenes were also believable.

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