Saturday, 30 October 2010

Miss World Review

I didn't watch Miss World because I knew I'll be as bored as when I watched Miss Venezuela but I just saw the results and I'm shocked. I'm quite happy, it could have gone better but overall it was a decent result. Here it is.

Miss World 2010: USA - Alexandria Mills
1st Runner Up: Botswana - Emma Wareus
2nd Runner Up: Venezuela - Adriana Vasnini
3rd Runner Up: Ireland - Emma Britt Waldron
4th Runner Up: China - Xiao Tang
5th Runner Up: Norway - Mariann Birkedal
6th Runner Up: Italy - Giada Pezzaioli

The rest of the 25
Bahamas, Canada, Colombia, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Kenya, Mongolia, Namibia, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Russia, St.Lucia, Scotland, South Africa, Thailand

That means from the predictions I made, excluding fast track winners as they were predetermined, I got 11 out of 20, 16/25 sounds better to me :) From my 12 sure bets I did get 8 but from my 8 unsure candidates 5 didn't make it through.

I thought India's Manasvi Mamgai was still safe because she's a stunner but I guess India's pattern continues, 2 years in 1 year out. Has been going on since 1996!
I put Australia's Ashleigh Francis in my sure bets only because she seemed to be doing well in fast track events.
I used the same logic for Slovakia's Marina Georgievova but I honestly thought she was going to be chosen, maybe it was her sash.
I chose Ghana on the same basis as Australia but also because I thought they would have about 4 girls from Africa - they did, just not her.

Out of the unsure 8 I was wrong with Mexico, Philippines, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium
I'm not that shocked with any of them not placing. Mexico didn't really have any momentum going into the finals even though she was beautiful. Philippines also, she gained a lot of momentum but then lost it quite quickly. Argentina seemed to do well in fast-tracks but nobody really focused on her and Belgium seemed to fit MW's style but was not focused on at all. Finally Belarus was just a filler for my Top 25.

I did however get 6 out of the 7 finalists. Go me! lol
So I missed out on;
Italy - It's quite interesting seeing her up there at 7th as I never would have guessed it.
Bahamas - Go Braneka!
Canada - Who? Was Canada even competing? jk
Colombia - I'll take Anabel Solis Sosa thank you.
Germany - She was part of my more alternatives group :)
Namibia - Quite shocked, she didn't strike me as a potential Top 25 from Africa. I would definitely have considered Ethiopia and Zimbabwe before her.
Paraguay - Supposedly many considered her a dark horse for the Top 25, she totally flew under my radar.
Scotland - I was unsure on whether to name her as Northern Ireland and Ireland had already secured a spot, but I would definitely put her in my Top 25.

In terms of my favourites they did worse. Only 12 of my Top 25 made the list but if you included my Alternatives I would have made 16/25. To this day I do not understand why people like Xiao Tang from China. She just looked plain to me, the only thing going for her was her height. Remember I'm Chinese and even I don't agree with her looks! I'm slightly warming to French Polynesia but still not enough for me to have put her in my Top 25.

I am happy that Miss USA won instead of Miss Norway. Norway is a pretty girl but I just don't think she is good enough for the crown. USA in my opinion is a better delegate than Norway, whilst there were 11 girls I'd put before her it was definitely nice to see her win rather than it being all extremely predictable (it was only slightly predictable with Miss USA winning. lol) I am happy that Botswana and Venezuela made the Top 3 as they completed a beautiful trio. Whilst Botswana was only in my Top 15 I consider her as one of the most beautiful girls in the pageant and Venezuela is one of my sentimental favourites, she did herself proud. I do believe the Venezuelan delegates this year were really strong and all deserve a spot in their respective pageants. Ireland placing 4th was a pleasing shock, I did consider her a crown prospect. China placing 5th was yet again disappointing to me but at least she didn't make the Top 3 photo! :)

Whilst I feel a bit bad saying this I'm extremely happy Norway got cut before the Top 5, it just made the pageant more interesting. And I don't think she deserves a Top 5 spot.

Guys what if the Top 7 went like this, would you think it'd be worse, better or about the same?

Miss World 2010: Ireland
1st Runner Up: Thailand
2nd Runner Up: Venezuela
3rd Runner Up: Puerto Rico
4th Runner Up: Slovakia
5th Runner Up: South Africa
6th Runner Up: Russia

See you at Miss International!

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  1. I am so sad Miss Argentina didn´t win. I mean, I have sympathy for the country because I travelled there two years ago. I was satying in one of those Buenos Aires apartments and I noticed that every girl I saw was beautiful... I felt kind of depressed, but that drew my attention. Anyways, I liked the country and I enjoyed the show of Miss World. May be next year I´ll win!