Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Comeback Clan

What I find true to most TVB series is that they start off decent but end badly, the Comeback Clan had elements of this. Sometimes I just found the storylines to be pointlessly fleshed out to make 20 episodes. To be honest TVB may benefit from shortening some of its series to 10 or 12 series or so, like Japanese ones. What TVB failed to do was write a gripping tale with the characters trying to resolve their problems - everything just seemed to "go to plan".

Another comment I wanted to make was on Natalie Tong - I am a fan of hers but sadly her inexperience showed, she just looked way too stiff in too many of her scenes. Whilst a character like in A Fistful of Stances suites her well, a modern woman is hard for her to portray with that stiffness - especially as a leading lady.

Best Actor
Ha Yu

His character was adorable in this series, yes at times he was irritating but who isn't? I loved how he randomly fell in love with Christine Ng, it was just so random, but it worked.... somehow.

Sammul Chan

A decent performance put in by Sammul deserves recognition as it's so rare to see Sammul nowadays. His performance as Glenn was good but will I remember him by the end of the year?

Best Actress
Kiki Sheung

Yet again a good performance from the cast, I loved her story when she lost her memory, that "era" of this story is definitely the best part of it.

Christine Ng

She played her character well, that's all I have to say!

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