Saturday, 30 October 2010

Every Move You Make

Every Move You Make is an ok drama in this year's bunch but what pissed me off a bit was the constant referral to "reading people", it just grated on my nerves. However I must say it was a decent watch and at times quite interesting it also tried to break the general style of TVB. Onto the nominations

Best Actor
No Nominations
I found Bowie a bit stiff in this drama, he did well but not enough for me.

Best Actress
Crystal Tin
I think she performed really well in this role but there is something about Crystal's face that just doesn't look natural. Anyway I liked her portrayal of this character, hope to see more of her.

Best Supporting Actor
Bosco Wong
There were cringe-worthy moments but I think he did well enough to be nominated for Best Supporting.

Chris Lai
He didn't have that many notable scenes but I think he performed well throughout the series. I just wish Chris Lai gets a big break one day as he deserves it.

Best Supporting Actress
Susan Tse
It's nice to see her play a "weaker" woman. She was stiff at times but overall she put in a good performance.

Most Improved Actress
Aimee Chan
She's slowly becoming more natural, whilst her emotional scenes were slightly overdone she did well in general.

Recognition Award
I have a slurry of these to give out as a lot of these actors only appeared in a few episodes so I couldn't really nominate them for best supporting.

Halina Tam
Halina performed really well I thought, she is too underrated.

Nancy Wu
She just stood out from the others, she really is one of TVB's best rising stars.

Tsui Wing
It was nice to see him portray a more serious role. I'm recognising him for a smooth change in role types rather than great acting.

Angela Tong
She really stood out in her role, I was a bit sad to see the end of her story because she really did amazingly well here.

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