Saturday, 30 October 2010

Miss World 2010 preview

I have been trying my best to follow the monstrosity that is Miss World. It is such a large pageant that it's difficult to notice all 115 girls. On top of that there aren't any official photos of the girls so it's difficult to keep track of all of them. Anyway I have compiled a list (to the best of my ability) of my favourites.

My Top 10 (in to particular order)...
Thailand - I just love her, the nose thing is a slight distraction.
Venezuela - Adriana is just beautiful, hope she doesn't follow Marelisa.
Puerto Rico - I love her energy and vibe
Slovakia - Beautiful and sweet
Ireland - Talented and gorgeous
South Africa - I've really liked her since seeing her perform at MU
India - She is still stunning despite not being a favourite anymore
Scotland - go Scotland!
Russia - A distinct beauty
Mexico - Underrated beauty

Then I have these 5 girls rounding out my Top 15
Korea - There's something undeniable about her, she does freak me out at times but I always want more of her.
Botswana - She is very beautiful indeed.
England - Ok, patriotism may have factored in but I still think England is very sweet looking. The best bunch from the British Isles in ages.
USA - A fierce underdog who has fought her way into contention.
Philippines - She has done better than I thought.

And now, disregarding fast track events, these girls would have made my Top 25
Norway - I like her but she shouldn't win the crown. I remember seeing her Fadil shot in MU08 and thinking woah! but was sorely let down by her after seeing other photos which were less than impressive. She's nice but not worthy of the win.
Martinique - A nice vibe
Mongolia - Pretty and with lots of energy
Bahamas - Go Braneka!
Moldova - I didn't even notice her until yesterday
Trinidad and Tobago - She's actually very pretty, shame she isn't getting any attention.
Ethiopia - Another T&T
Zimbabwe - A very strong bunch from Africa this year, with more exposure she could topple Botswana or S.Africa.
Ukraine - She has some stunning angles, she'll need to work it more.
Greece - I haven't seen much of her but I'm working on potential here.

France - She has let me down. I still like her but she looks tired.
Belgium - Hasn't made any waves, she is still pretty but that's not enough.
Netherlands - A pretty girl
Aruba - I like her style
Curacao - Go Angenie, though she has lost her edge at MW.
Sweden - I like Sweden but at times I dislike her too. She's too edgy for MW.
Guyana - People will probably disagree but I find her quite attractive, especially her smile.

I'm just throwing in a few more potentials...
St. Lucia
Sri Lanka

I honestly don't understand what people see in China and French Polynesia. I find both of them quite old looking and China to be plain, nowhere near as beautiful as Zhang Zilin.

Sorry I can't be bothered to find photos of all the girls because there are just so many to sift through that aren't categorized. Just go to globalbeauties to find photos if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Ok so I need to factor in that Northern Ireland and Kenya are already part of the 25 (but not part of my lists) so if I had to substitute two girls from my top 25 I would go for Ethiopia and Martinique.

If like last year they have a Top 7 I would sadly have to detract Russia, Mexico and Scotland from my Top 10 list.

In terms of predictions I think these 25 girls will probably make the cut,
Puerto Rico
Northern Ireland

12 girls
French Polynesia
South Africa
St. Lucia

There are 8 more girls I don't want to commit to as I'm not convinced but I can't get a list of 25.
Mexico - I'm not sure she's going to continue the run
Philippines - she has that demure look which may place her
Venezuela - they didn't get in last year
Mongolia - rather than Kazakhstan (two year streak) they push in Mongolia?
Argentina - She has done well in FT events
Belgium - demure looking
France - demure looking?
Belarus - don't really know why I put her here

Basically it's quite a tough challenge predicting the 25 but I guess this is my list.

I wonder how the all MW panel of judges will decide on the winner. I think the girl will have to be demure and quite traditional looking so I think Norway and Ireland are probably the only girls who fit the bill.

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