Saturday, 23 October 2010

Miss Venezuela 2010

Miss Venezuela is without a doubt the national pageant every pageant fan focuses on. It's not necessarily that Miss Venezuela produces the best girls it's just that Miss Venezuela generally produces the most successful girls, but this year Miss Venezuela has found a bunch of beautiful girls also. That is why I am posting my favourites for the pageant on the 28th October.

10th - 6th


Delta Amacuro



2nd Runner Up
Nobody seems to care for Estefania but I find her one of the prettiest. She has a very sweet and demure look about her which is probably the main concern for a Venezuela candidate as they are known for their personality and sexuality.

1st Runner Up
I love Romina but I think she looks overdone at Miss Venezuela, in fact I find her candid shots much more beautiful than how she looks on stage. It's a shame she just missed out on a crown for me but I think she'll make it on the night.

Miss International Venezuela
Angela has really grown on me. I just love her effervescent smile. She exudes beauty but with confidence. I'm not sure she's what Miss Venezuela normally looks for but I think she has potential to make it up there.

Miss World Venezuela
I don't necessarily find Angela the prettiest but she has that amazing allure that just leaves you stunned. Her skin tone and her gaze is mesmerising and she does look like a Miss Venezuela candidate. I don't think she'll be appreciated at Miss World though, so maybe I'd rather see her at Miss International or even Miss Universe.

Miss Universe Venezuela
Distrito Capital
I really do think Jessica has the whole package. She is beautiful both on stage and in candids and has the experience to propel her to a crown on the international stage. However I don't see her winning Miss Venezuela. I just hope she manages to place.

9 more wildcards
Dependencias Federales
Nueva Esparta

(so the other 9 that I haven't mentioned are the bottom 9)

My prediction;
I am so unsure who will get what I have just listed 8 delegates I think who will have the best chance of placing in the Top 5. 
Monagas, Amazonas, Lara, Distrito Capital, Carabobo, Bolivar, Miranda, Tachira

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